Importance Of Ham Radios In Survival Activities To Ensure Safe Communication

Importance Of Ham Radios In Survival Activities To Ensure Safe Communication

Amateur radio (ham Radios) are land mobile radio systems for safe short-range communication. These radios are useful for the short-range person to person bidirectional voice communication. Ham radios don't require any internet or SIM card connections to transmit voice calls. These devices use radio signals so that they are useful for communicating in critical situations such as inclement weather, rare places, even when other communication systems fall down.

Ham radios have long been using by police, truck drivers, and off-roaders. For having short-range group communication or person to person single communication, using ham radio is the best useful method. Other common users of ham radios are travelers, hikers, as well as adventurers.

In this article, I will be sharing how you can use ham radios to ensure your safe communication during any outdoor as well as survival activities.

Why are ham radios important in survival activities?

The people who love hunting, hiking, or other outdoor activities surely like adventures. But to make the adventure free from the danger, you have to ensure safe communication, and ham radios are one of the best safe short-range communication systems. So, if you like to make your adventures, or hiking, or huntings danger-free or you want to ensure safe communication during outdoor activities, ham radios would be the best choice for you.

Sometimes, for some outdoor activities, such as hiking, hunting, etc. you must go to some rare places where SIM network, wifi, and internet connections are maybe impossible. In such places, you need a portable ham radio because ham radios will help you to communicate with your team members or friends or guards if you face any problem. ham radios use radio signals to transmit or receive voices so your communication system won't fall for any kind of natural disaster.

Are there any Portable ham radios?

There are lots of portable handy ham radios of different brand and model which are easy to carry. DMR two-way radio is such a portable ham radio and these types of radios are useful to communicate from one to five miles range. The range of transmitting signals depends on the device's quality. Sometimes, the network range gets interrupted by hills around. So, if you can stand higher, you will get more clear signals. Sometimes, moving around some inches can grab a clear signal.

Importance of ham radios in survival activities to ensure safe communication

However, the range or transmitting power is expandable through using an extra antenna. You can use some compact size antenna to expand the communication range. There are different kinds of portable antennas that will help you to expand your communication range.

You can also use a transceiver to boost the power of your ham radio. A transceiver such as a ham radio transceiver combines both a receiver and transmitter in one box. To have more communication power, you can use it.

Some Common Portable ham radios

Here are some common popular ham radios and their features that will help you to choose the right one for you.

  1. KENWOOD ORIGINAL TH-D74A: It is a popular ham radio that offers about 40 transmitting channels and 10 oceanic and weather channels. This radio has nifty power-saving mode and bright-green display that are the top features of this device.
  2. YAESU FT-60R: This model has an AA battery option and dual power system that is useful to use it for a long time. This product also has crystal clear sound quality, and it finds clear signals automatically.
  3. BAOFENG BF-F8HP: This device offers to transmit and to receive signals through 40 channels. It has a dual power mode that is high-power and low-power to customize your signal range according to your needs. This device offers maximum legal output and clear sound.
  4. ICOM 2300H 05 144MHZ AMATEUR RADIO: This device is very handy and comfortable to operate easily. This convenient device offers programmable memory locations, dashboard installation, and clear sound quality.
  5. BAOFENG UV-5R: This device is somewhat different and advanced from the other device. This device allows using two different channels at the same time. It offers long time battery support and removable belt clip.

Tips to Operate ham Radio Correctly

Knowing how to use a ham radio will help you to get fast and accurate communication. Here are the step by step processes and tips that will help you to operate a ham radio correctly.

  1. Know the channels: There are about 40 channels for ham radio communication. First, tune to a popular and common channel where others like to tune. There are some specific codes that mean specific words. 10-1 means low-quality reception, 10-4 means message received, 10-7 means out of service, 10-9 means repeat the massage, and 10-20 means what is your location.
  2. Issue a radio check: If you just tuned into a channel and people are talking there, you just wait politely for a break. When the channel is free and clear, ask for a radio check and then wait for a response. If you don't get any response, you can wait for sometimes and ask another radio check.
  3. Use ham radio with team members: You can pick a specific radio channel to communicate with your team members. It will be batter to get connected accurately and fast.

Final Words

 Using ham radios is the best way to communicate with others in rare places where other communication systems don't work well. If you want to use ham radio for survival communication, first ensure that you learned how to operate a ham radio accurately. Try to charge your device fully and pick an extra antenna if you want to expand the communication range.

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