5 Simple Ideas to Create Your Own Playground for Kids

Reasonable playtime is crucial to your child’s development. On the same breath, a good playground can mean all the difference in inspiring your kids to discover about themselves. They will be able to learn through play and enhance their skills by trying out different games.
Unfortunately, not all neighborhoods have great play spaces. This means that your kids will have to contend with playing indoors.
Nevertheless, do you know that you can create your own playground for kids in your community using cheap and locally available materials?
Yes, it is possible. You can transform an unutilized space or your backyard into the ideal playground that will leave your kids yearning for more.

5 Simple Ideas to Create Your Own Playground for Kids 1

Here are simple ideas to create the perfect playground.

1. Install an artificial turf

You do not have to spend a lot of money buying equipment for your backyard playground. Installing an artificial turf using stylish grass mats can go a long way to create the perfect playground for your kids.
This type of playground is recommended for older kids who love playing games such as soccer or football that require more space. Grass mats not only look realistic, but also feel more natural. Additionally, these mats consist of heavy cushioning materials that provide extra safety during playtime.
Nevertheless, with the emergence of fake grass mats, you are advised to remain vigilant when making a purchase.

2. Construct a tree house

Your kids will certainly love the idea of putting up a tree house. This type of house is easy to construct as it does not require the input of a professional contractor. If you are an avid do-it-yourself, you can build one using simple tools available at home, including a hammer and a table saw.

Furthermore, you may download easy-to-read manual available online on how to build a simple tree house. However, make sure you follow all instructions to enhance the safety of your kids. Also, watch out on the height of the house to prevent hazardous situations.

3. Erect tire swings

Tire swings are as old as the invention of the tires itself. It therefore does not come as a surprise that this type of swing is one of the most popular with kids. If you have old tires in your backyard, you can make good use of them by making fun swings for your kids.

You just need to purchase sturdy steel chains and identify the right spot to erect the swing. You may acquire steel bars for the pivot from your local hardware or tie the chains to a tree in your yard. Nevertheless, make sure that you lay stall mats below the swing to provide extra protection against falls.

5 Simple Ideas to Create Your Own Playground for Kids 3

4. Create a sandpit

If installing an artificial turf mat may be an expensive idea for you, then a sandpit provides a safe playing surface alternative. Virtually all kids love to play in the sand, and such, sandpits bring the beach-oriented fun right into your backyard.
Sandpits are a great place for your loved ones to enjoy their play and develop as they rake, shovel, or dig through the sand. Sand play is good for your kids as it provides an open-ended play space that can be used for various creative play activities.
You may choose to create a temporary sandpit or permanent version with wooden, plastic, or rock edging. You can also add some water, which will allow your kids to enjoy building sandcastles. Of course, you have to put miniature tools such as shovels, rakes, mini-wheelbarrows, and small-sized planks and containers that can help your kids to handle the sand.

If you decide to create a sandpit or sandbox here are a few tips, which you’ll need to consider.

  • Make a careful choice when picking the location of the sandpit. It should preferably be on a flat and open area exposed to the sunlight. This ensures that you receive enough sunshine to maintain reasonable dryness. 
  • Before filling your sandpit, line its bottom with shade cloth or a weed mat to keep out the weeds, grass, and worms. Also, include a bottom layer of gravel for proper drainage.
  • Create an edging on the sandpit using timber, plastic, or rocks to prevent the sand from getting scattered all over the yard.
  • To ensure tidiness, you can buy a small hand-broom to allow your kids to brush-off the sand before accessing other areas.
  • Always rake the sand to remove leaves and any growing runners or plants

5. Install crawl-in tunnels

If your kids don’t fear closed spaces –claustrophobia – then they will most likely love to crawl through enclosed straight or inclined tunnels. Pre-made tunnels are costly. But with the use of cheap materials such as car tires and old drums, you can easily customize your own.

Crawl-in tunnels are ideal for kids because they allow them to exercise various parts of their body including the hands, feet, neck, and back as they maneuver through the tunnels. They are a low-cost inclusion into your backyard’s playground, and can provide a safe play equipment that is sturdy enough to withstand your children’s tough play.

However, before building a crawl-in tunnel, here are a few things that you need to consider.

  • Ensure that the tunnel space or diameter is sufficient for your kid to move through easily, without getting stuck
  • For safety purposes, make sure that the tunnel’s edges are smooth and there are no rough edges that can inflict scratches or any other harm on your child
  • The tunnels should be located in a sufficiently lit area. This helps in ensuring visibility, hence reducing accidents during play time.
5 Simple Ideas to Create Your Own Playground for Kids 2

Take Away

Creating your own playground for kids does not have to be expensive. You can use readily available materials such as old tires, waste wood, used containers and plastic bottles among many others.

All that is required is a little bit of creativity to invent a reasonable play space. It is also advisable to involve your kids in the process, in order to create a playground that matches their interests.

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