12 Essential Tips To Make You A More Effective Hunter

​To become a skilled hunter, you don’t only need to practice how to aim and shoot, but take note of external factors that go beyond your weaponry and skill. Do you want to be a more effective hunter when outdoors? Then follow these tips:

Tip 1: Humans have a strong odor that can spook deer.

Go for an odor free approach and don’t wear your hunting gear to the site. Keep your clothes in an airtight container, possibly coated with leaves, dirt, and other objects from your hunting grounds. You can then change into the right smelling gear at the site.

This will allow you take a more covert stance and can place you in a point blank range while searching for game.

Tip 2: Many hunters consider the doe to be the ultimate buck attraction strategy. 

12 Essential Tips to Make you a More Effective Hunter 2

An experienced hunter knows that this is only one tool in the trade and they must be sure to apply the correct attraction methods, depending on the season. 

For example, the smell of doe early in October is just not natural to a sensible buck, but their territorial instincts will send them to investigate the possibility of another buck in the region.

Tip 3: soaked drag-rag

During peak-rut, a buck will follow an estrous soaked drag-rag right into your tree stand and across the hood of your truck.

Tip 4: odor eliminator

Some rookie hunters will spray themselves down with an odor eliminator when they are suiting up, and another time before heading to the stand. But an experienced trekker knows that they only need to apply this when they arrive at the stand, as long as they pay special attention to the hat and hair.

Tip 5: electrical tape barrier 

12 Essential Tips to Make you a More Effective Hunter 3

If you are muzzleloader hunting in a particularly wet time of year, you can keep moisture from entering the end of the barrel with an effective electrical tape barrier. Don’t worry about removing the tape when it harvesting a buck, your projectile should have little trouble traversing the tape.

Tip 6: completely mask your human odor

You create a scent setup that will completely mask your human odor. Simply locate a spot of timber or cover where the wind runs parallel from one end to another. At the windy end, you will sprinkle the deer scent at several spots.

After that, set yourself high up in a tree at the edge of the timber. If you have set up just right, your human odors should be carried away from the deer scent.

Tip 7: practice

12 Essential Tips to Make you a More Effective Hunter 4

Be sure you get plenty of practice setting up, moving around, and taking down the tree hideout a few times during the summer. The capacity to get in and out of a tree stand in complete silence is an essential hunting skill. Even with the top gear for hunting, you still need a grasp of the basics.

Tip 8: modern technology

With today's modern technology, you don’t need to charter a plane or purchase a costly drone to survey your hunting grounds. You can research about your area from the safety of the Google Maps app on your mobile device.

Tip 9: Avoid trimming your shooting lanes

Disturbing the tranquility and natural surroundings of your hunting grounds. Those are tasks that should be kept during the summer time. An older buck will begin to recognize the smell of freshly cut foliage and can consider this an indication of human beings about.

Tip 10: complete concealment

If partial concealment is a good thing, complete concealment is even better. Tree stands can be purchased with blinds that shield the hunter from deer, and also from the colder winds that can make hunting difficult.

Tip 11: luring the deer

12 Essential Tips to Make you a More Effective Hunter 5

So you have sighted a deer on adjacent land but it doesn’t cross over to your side until way past shooting time. What to do? Try luring the deer over with a call or using the sometimes-effective deer decoy.

Tip 12: douse yourself in scentless tick repellant

Don’t cut your hunting season in half with a terrible case of any condition carried by ticks. Lyme disease and the many other diseases contracted from the ravenous blood suckers can bring your season to an early close. Be sure to douse yourself in scentless tick repellant.


Hunting isn’t just about aiming and shooting. There are external factors you will need to take note of to successfully capture your game as well!

I hope that these essential tips to make you a more effective hunter helped you become more knowledgeable on what you should do to successfully track and capture your game with ease. So don’t wait any longer and utilize these tips during your next hunting trip!

Do you have any questions or would like to share more of your advice or experiences to become efficient and successful in hunting? Then do comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to say.

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