Hi! My name is Deann and welcome to my blog. I'm a young girl who LOVES to travel, especially going out in the woods sleeping in tents and campers. Every trip is an adventure with the many lessons I learned while living it out in the rough, and I'm here to show you ALL about it!

How Did I Begin Blogging?

It all started with a HILARIOUS camping story I had with a friend. We went hiking up in the mountains. Once we were about to sleep, it suddenly began raining hard! We were frantically trying to pour rain water out of our tent (it was already leaking) and staying warm with our already wet clothes. Pretty scary, huh?

Once the rain let out at six in the morning, we were exhausted, but relieved. We quickly packed up and descended the mountains before it could rain any harder again. Once we got down and tidied up, we began talking about what we should have done and how funny it would be to share it with our families!

That's when my friend mentioned that I should be blogging about my experiences in camping and the tips I can share with others.


A few months later, here I am doing my best to bring my stories to life and sharing everything I know about camping to you!

I aim to help my readers know how fun camping can be. It's a fun experience as long as you have the proper equipment and know your way around the campsite. And if you're a beginner, you shouldn't be disheartened.

I love people who want to start their traveling journey through camping, and that's why I'm here to help out and encourage you through sharing my tips and tricks.

If you have already read through my blog, you can see that I've been through a LOT and have been camping for quite some time now. I'm experienced in a lot of aspects of camping, from driving RVs down to backpacking.

Here are some of my favorite camping stories and how my expertise can help you out:

RV Camping


RV camping is a very comfortable camping experience since you'll be able to drive around with your home and without the need to set up camp or what. BUT, RV camping isn't just about sleeping in your RV and calling it a night.

RV Camping is about finding the right spot to park in, where to go, how to maintain your vehicle, and what you can do to make it comfortable for you and your family. There's a lot more to RV camping than just parking wherever, and not a lot of people know that!

I've had my fair share of RV camping experiences. I've driven an RV myself, and it's no joke handling such a huge car and paying for a tremendous amount of gas and tolls! Fortunately, I learned a lot when it comes to traveling with an RV, especially when crossing states.

And because not a lot of people are very familiar with the in-depth details of RV camping, I also love posting about some tips on how to make your camping trip with the RV more enjoyable, featuring my favorite spots and the essentials you need when on the road.

Camping Adventures


Adventure camping is living out in the open and in the rough. It doesn't matter which campsite you are in the world! Adventure camping is all about learning how to temporarily live in campsites, picking up on survival skills and making your tent a comfortable place to stay for a while, while listening to the sound of peace and nature.

I happen to LOVE adventure camping the most. It's one of my favorite topics when traveling! It gives me such a thrill when setting up my tent and foraging for food. And though it's very fun, there are things you'll need to know as well.

It's the reason why one of my favorite posts would be how-to's and the products I recommend for beginner and advanced campers!

One of my favorite adventure camping stories would be the time I traveled during the winter! Yes, it gave me a lot of bragging rights, but I couldn't deny that I was freezing the whole time, no matter how bundled up I was in the tent.

I loved the bitter frost and how I managed to learn a lot about keeping warm when camping in the snow. It was such an eye-opener that I had to share it here.

Backpacking Around The World


A solo traveler's ultimate dream would be to backpack around the world with nothing but his bag, travel documents, some money, and the wanderlust. You get to explore places around the world that no one has ever been to and camping out in the open with just you and your backpack, now THAT'S a way to find peace with yourself.

One of my most favorite backpacking experiences would be the time I went to Asia. With all the food and places to stay in, I was in awe with their culture and the way they lived.

Staying safe was also my top priority, and as much as I loved camping in the humid weather of Asia, it inspired me to share the various safety tips you need to follow when roaming around other countries.

Backpacking opened my eyes to a whole new world, making me realize that there's more to traveling and all you need to do is go out of your comfort zone.

And there are a whole lot more stories and tricks up my sleeve! You can read through it on my blog, may you be planning to go on your first trip or sharing your experiences as a camping expert. Whatever the case, read on and learn all about how fun camping can be and how to do it right.

Well, that's me (for now)! If you have any questions or would like to collaborate with me on camping and traveling, then you can shoot me an e-mail. Happy reading!


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