The Best 8 Must-Tries When You Visit Papa Chow Camp Creek

The Best 8 Must-Tries When You Visit Papa Chow, Camp Creek
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Want a fun-filled adventure filled with lots of lessons and stories? Then camping is a must! You'll be able to have the time of your life as you experience the time of your life with your loved ones!

But before you begin camping, you'll need to make sure that you have the ultimate camping destination. In Camp Creek, you'll not only be able to find the best type of camping spots but the excellent eateries as well!

There are tons of restaurants you can choose from, with Papa Chow in Camp Creek being one of them.Want to know more about Papa Chow Camp Creek? Then read on as we fill you in on our ultimate experience with them!

About Papa Chow

Papa Chow is an Asian restaurant nestled in Atlanta Georgia. It's found in Princeton Lakes, near all the cool camping areas where you and your family can stay in!

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They offer a variety of Asian dishes, also known for their sushi bar. Many locals and tourists alike visit Papa Chow for a taste of delicious Asian food at affordable prices!

You can find them on various social media platforms, where customers, old and new alike, post their positive reviews about their experiences in the restaurant.

You can also find all the information you need from their official social media page to make your trip easier.

Top Eight Best Dishes at Papa Chow, Camp Creek

Based on our experiences and what other customers have said, here are our top eight favorite dishes from Papa Chow Camp Creek:

Papa Chow Camp Creek 2

Chicken Pad Thai

Papa Chow Camp Creek 3

The pad Thai tasted authentic. It also comes in huge servings, and you can taste the nutty flavor mixed with the chicken. It's a medley of sweet and nutty, making it delicious! The noodles were cooked perfectly as well, so that's a huge plus!

Honey BBQ Wings

Papa Chow Camp Creek 4

The honey bbq wings were cooked just right. It had the tender white meat but slightly subtle crunch to the fried skin. Props to the zesty and sweet flavors that bodes well with the seasonings!

Shrimp Egg Rolls

Papa Chow Camp Creek 5

The shrimp egg roll may look a bit dull, but don't let the pale appearance of the wrap be the judge of that! The flavors pop, and there is a lot of shrimp added. Pair it with the sweet and sour sauce, and it's an excellent appetizer.

Hot And Sour Soup

Papa Chow Camp Creek 6

The hot and sour soup is best during the cold weather. It isn't super spicy but gives you the right kick. It has a mix of sour and savory, so you won't need to worry about it hurting your throat from any acidic taste.

Orange Chicken

Papa Chow Camp Creek 7

The orange chicken can be compared to the lemon pepper wings but has a more "sweet and sour" flavor to it. We loved the sauce and how it paired with the chicken!

Shrimp Fried Rice

Papa Chow Camp Creek 8

The shrimp fried rice is a huge portion. You can share this with two or three people! The rice is cooked and fried just right, not too oily, but still with lots of flavors. You can pair this with ANY viand on the menu!

Teriyaki Chicken With Rice And Veggies

Papa Chow Camp Creek 9

There's nothing negative we can say about the teriyaki chicken. It's bursting with the Asian flavors we know and love. The chicken is very tender and juicy. Paired with rice and veggies, you have a full meal you'll be satisfied with.

Honey Sesame Chicken With Fried Rice

Papa Chow Camp Creek 10

The Honey Sesame Chicken is surprising. You'd think that honey and sesame don't go well together, especially when added to meat like chicken, but the sweet and savory flavors burst together and make a pleasant aftertaste you'll want to keep biting into.

Our Overall Dining Experience

Besides the food, here are the other factors we considered when reviewing Papa Chow, Camp Creek:


Papa Chow Camp Creek 11

Don't expect it to look like the grandest Asian restaurant! But it isn't your drab place as well. Walking in, you'll appreciate the cleanliness and bright vibe it sets.

They have many seats and the sushi bar, accommodating a lot of customers, no matter how small or big the group is. The tables are neatly arranged, the interior design is cheerful, and you'll enjoy the organization within the area.


The staff is very welcoming and friendly. They will attend to your needs and make sure you feel at home. They serve your food promptly and with a friendly smile that increases the overall ambiance of the area. Through quick and friendly service, I give it a plus one.


Their prices range from $3 to $10, never going higher than $10 for a dish. We love how affordable their dishes are, but without it compromising on both portion sizes or flavor. Each recipe is good for sharing and ideal for the whole family!

Plus, you have a variety of Asian cuisines to choose from, it isn't only limited to Chinese.

Papa Chow Camp Creek 1


Like mentioned, it's near many places, from local shops to the camping grounds. The restaurant is easy to spot and accessible to many areas, making it a nice pit stop when traveling or roaming around Atlanta.


When it comes to camping, one of the most memorable and best parts would be the food trip after! And a filling dish would have to be something from the Asian cuisine. With tons of Asian dishes to choose from, you'll love the burst of flavors that can range from sweet, sour, or even spicy!

Papa Chow Camp Creek 2

In Papa Chow Camp Creek, you'll experience a whole smorgasbord of flavors and deliciousness you'll never forget. So what are you waiting for?

If you want to plan a great camping trip and the food trip before (or after!), then go for Papa Chow in Camp Creek and have a memorable time testing all the Chinese food from Asia!

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any more queries or reviews about Papa Chow Camp Creek, then comment down below. We'd love to hear what you have to think.

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