How accurate is 17 WSM?

As a professional hunter, you have to reach out to a dependable rifle. The 17 WSM has been the first choice to the hunters across the world for having the most accurate shooting privilege. If you’ve determined to purchase this quality one, undoubtedly, it’s the best decision in your life.

But how accurate is 17 WSM? How can you rely on this rifle without knowing its performance and accuracy? To have the most reasonable answer, you must stick to here. We’re going to break down this topic with some proven arguments. Let’s dive on!

What is 17 WSM?

A 17 WSM refers to 17 Winchester Super Magnum. It’s an advanced rimfire rifle cartridge. The velocity of its bullet around 3000 feet per second, and the initial load of the bullet is 20-grain. The 17 WSM rifles represent the Savage B-Mag bolt action and heavy barrel B-mag target edition. Among various models of 17 WSM firearm, the F-17 can handle the highest pressure.

What shooting style is it best for?

The efficiency of a 17 WSM rifle is above the expectation. This rifle is perfect for having both short and long-range target shooting. Specifically, all the coyote hunters prefer to have this cartridge to reach their goal in hunting. It gives a remarkable trajectory up to 4.1 inches at 200 yards and 1.2 inches at 150 yards.

How accurate is 17 WSM?

The overall performance and specialty of a rifle entirely rely on the accuracy. If a rifle features the optimal accuracy all along, it becomes easier to hit the targeted things in any situation. As the 17 WSM is the most notable rifle in the world, therefore, it must have standout accuracy as well. How accurate is 17 WSM? You, most probably, are asking like so to have sense before finalizing it.

To be honest, the 17 WSM cartridge comes with the pleasing ballistic capability and praiseworthy accuracy. All the rifles of 17 WSM groups have the right triggers and general stock ergonomics. The eight-round magazine capacity has made it the most accurate rifle in the world. With excellent MaccTec sound moderator, it delivers the hunters the best ever comfort in the shooting.

The Savage B-Mag is the most prominent rifle of 17 WSM model, features the accuracy through its deep asymmetric grip and defined edge of the comb. Moreover, a hunter finds solid ergonomics and good finger-pad to accomplish the shooting with optimal accuracy. For delivering secure and simple scope mounting, a 17 WSM rifle features weaver scope-mounting bases as well. In a word, a 17 WSM rifle is the most accurate rifle in the world.

What makes a 17WSM great?

A 17 WSM rifle is always a great and huge demand. It has surpassed all the competitors in terms of accuracy and performance during the shooting period. Let’s dig into what makes it stand out over other rifles.

20-grain bullet

Hunters across the world are keen to have a standard bullet weight with a rifle. A 17 WSM rifle always carries a B.C of .185 with a 20-grain bullet. As a result, it has been accessible to all professional hunters to keep on shooting with less hassle. And thus, a 17 WSM rifle has been the first choice for all sensible hunters.
3000 fps speed range

The speed range of a 17 WSM rifle is really praiseworthy. A hunter can hit the target from long distance at ease as it comes with 3000 fps speed range. Hunters feel free to reach out to this only for the extensive speed range. And ultimately, the notable speed makes it great than other rifles.
Up to 33000 psi pressure endurance

A 17 WSM rimfire comes with a thicker case. As a result, it can endure up to 33000 psi pressure at ease. By dint of this superior feature, a 17 WSM cartridge has been top of the choice among the skilled hunters across the world.

Overall design

Likewise the overall mechanism, a 17 WSM, has drawn the attention of hunters through its overall design. The exterior of this rifle is charming and decent. Besides, it put together an extraordinary, gripping system to accomplish the shooting with much comfort. Even, anyone can handle this rifle with no fear of misfire since it has advanced functionality.

Adjustable to all rifle scopes

A hunter can shoot efficiently whenever he finds the precise adjustment between the rifle and scope. Very few rifles can be adjusted with all sorts of scopes, and the 17 WSM is one of those. You can manage a rifle scope for 17 WSM that you afford. That’s why it has top priority for the hunters. 

Utmost accuracy

A 17 WSM rifle has earned most rewards since its inception period by dint of the utmost accuracy. A hunter encounters no hassle during the shooting period since it provides the highest accuracy in the shoot. Almost all the competitors of this rifle have been beaten in terms of accuracy.


A reliable and durable rifle is the first expectation for all hunters. Everybody wants to deal with a single rifle for a long time to have consistency. Since a 17 WSM comes with the best materials, therefore, it lasts long with no maintenance. And the long-lasting feature makes it accessible to all.

Final thought

You will find the optimal effectiveness and convenience through a 17 WSM rifle. This rifle will deliver you notable accuracy in both long and short distance shooting. But how accurate is 17 WSM?
You’ve already found your answer from this article. Whenever you deal with this rifle practically, you could perceive why it’s regarded as the best rifle in terms of accuracy and performance.

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