Hunting Knives: Size Might not Always Matter, But Quality Always Does

Size Might not Always Matter, But Quality Always Does - feature

Hunting for game is a popular sport in modern times as well. Perhaps with a license at many places! But it remains. Also imagine, when you are out stuck in the wild! The hunting becomes a mode of survival, rather than a sport. 

Size Might not Always Matter, But Quality Always Does 1

Your hunting skills can save you from wild animals and help you forage for food as well. When, you are out in the wild, you might not have a gun. If, it was a simple camping trip and you got lost, you would not have a gun, right?

So, what do you do? You need to be prepared! Why not carry a hunting knife? It can be your saving grace in tough situations. These knives can also be useful in chopping wood and building a shelter or fire.

What should you look for -- Size of the knife or the Quality?

What knife you carry on your adventures is completely our own choice! This is true, but what should be your priority, the size of the knife or its quality. Answer to this question can be your difference between life and death. Now, let’s weigh out your options:

1. Size of the Knife

If, you think about it, a huge knife in your hand can look menacing and even scare off a few of your friends! But, in the wild this does not work for you. In fact, what works for you is the fact that you have a strong knife. Size of the knife is not always proportional to its effectiveness. 

In the wild, you will not only be hunting or chopping wood! You might need to perform precision tasks like cleaning and preparing the meat and fish. Do you really think that is possible with a huge knife? Definitely not! You need hunting knives that are medium sized so that they can be useful in hunting and other precision tasks as well.

2. Quality of the Knife 

If, you give some thought into it, you have a huge knife, you start chopping wood and the blade gets chipped at the first strike! Is such a huge hunting knife of any use, if it breaks or gets chipped so easily?

If this happens while you are facing a wild animal, it can be potentially life threatening. This happens when you acquire your knife from a shoddy dealer or seller. Your life is more precious than a few bucks.

Always reach out to reputed stores and dealers for knives in UK or any part of the world! They have hunting knives that are of top quality and can survive through massive wear and tear easily. The blade is manufactured with the best materials and will be your true side kick!

Size Might not Always Matter, But Quality Always Does 2

How do you choose your Hunting Knife?

Now, that you have understood the importance of quality, coming to the parts of the hunting knife. You need to decide on the following two aspects, as they dictate the quality of your knife.

1. The Blade Material

You could either choose a carbon steel blade or a stainless-steel blade. Here are the pros and cons of each kind:

Carbon Steel Blade:

Carbon Steel blades stay sharper for a longer period of time and can be easily sharpened, when and if needed.

Without the chromium in the composition, these blades tend to rust easily. So, you will need to clean the blade after each application and coat the blade with a product like wax with silicone to prevent rust formation.

Stainless Steel Blade:

The chromium in the composition makes the blade resistant to corrosion and rust. This makes the knife perfect for rainy conditions.

The blade loses sharpness much faster, and the sharpening is difficult and more expensive than the carbon steel blades.

2. The Handle of the Knife

Grip on the knife is everything. So, you need to make sure that the knife has a good handle. The point where the knife blade enters the handle can be a weak point, so while purchasing your hunting knife, examine that area and make sure it is sturdy.


Be prepared! Out in the wild, there will be no ally to help you. Only your skills and hunting knife can be that one partner, who could save you and help you emerge victorious!

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