Mountain Camping Tips you Need to Know in 2022

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Camping is a way to connect with nature, with oneself, and have unexpected adventures. The trails to magnificent mountains and landscapes are a true delight. With so many years of practice, the hikers invest in the best tricks and accessories to make their camping worthwhile.

So, if you're a beginner, professional, or someone who aspires to camp in the mountains, you're at the right place. So, catch up on some important tips essential for all-mountain campers. Let's have a look!

Test Drive Camping at Home


Do you always admire the glorious mountains? And you always wonder at the wall arts of mountains at your home at how majestic they look? Well, start with camping at home to test drive your gears. If you have a tent that has not been used for long, you can test drive it. Then, start watching setup videos from the internet and begin setting the tent in your backyard. This will save you from roofless nights in the mountains and give you a boost of confidence.

Smart Cooking

Well, camping and eating go hand in hand. The hike demands calories, and you have to be smart while packing the cooking essentials. Invest in a hiking stove with compact three or four packed utensils. One for cooking, one for eating, and there is a spoon too; you can pack them all together. Carry packed food, fruits, and a few munches for quick bites.

Tip: For compact packing, add spices, tea, coffee, sugar in foil, or other wraps and place them in empty utensils. 

Light is Essential

A trek to the mountains required enough light for safe walking and camping. So, try headlights that have different intensity beams. The headlights are best as your hands are free while cooking and hiking to the mountains. In addition, always carry extra batteries.

Tip: You can place a light like a torch or a headlight on a transparent bottle or can. Hang it with the help of a tree for a lantern light feeling while camping.

Snow Gaiters are your Best Friends


Mountains can call for rain and snow anytime. So, you can't risk your feet and shoes getting wet at any cost. The condition can make your trek horrible, and the cold can lead to serious hypothermia. So, invest in gaiters that are calf length. This is a very smart tip for camping in the mountains.

Tip: If your shoes get wet, remove the soles, hang them with a tree at night and stuff dry clothes on them. This will be a savior.

Sleeping Pads

The sleeping bag is not enough to protect you from the cold from the ground. Place some sleeping pads made from foam. They are lightweight and can easily be attached to rug sacks clips. Place them at the bottom of the sleeping bag as it works as perfect insulators.

Tip: If you don't have sleeping pads, stuff the bottom with dry clothes or hot water bottles.

Be Prepared for Rain

Yes, be prepared for rain as the weather in the mountains can change at any time. Therefore, always carry light, extra clothes, innerwear, and socks. Also, a good rain cover for your bag is crucial. In addition, always bring a rain jacket.

Tip: If you have forgotten your rain cover, line your bag both inside and outside with a plastic garbage bag. This will protect all your essentials.

Setting a Fire


Some of the excellent tips for setting the fire are picking small logs of wood while hiking. Also, packets of chips are useful for starting campfires. Dip matchstick wrapped in cotton heavily in petroleum jelly. Wrap and bring them to the camp. They help to ignite fire more rapidly and effectively.

Tip: Add sage or rosemary in the fire to keep away mosquitoes and other insects.

Hydration is the key

Staying hydrated is very important in any camping. So, you can carry hard bottles, hydration bladders, or collapsible bottles. The hydration bladders have a bladder in the bag, and a narrow outlet pipe helps your drink hand free. The collapsible bottle is useful for saving space.

Bonus Tips

Camping, trekking, and hiking to mountains is the most beautiful experience and adds valuable memories to your life. Always carry light, pack smartly where you can fill every container and corner with useful things. Always take note of the weather, bring first aid kits, power banks and never litter while you're camping. Enjoy the view, company, the journey and have happy camping in the mountains.

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