What To Pack When Camping With Your Baby

What To Pack When Camping With Your Baby
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What I love about camping is that everyone will be able to enjoy it, especially children! But have you ever thought of bringing your babies to the campsite to show them the beautiful outdoors at an early age?

It's a beautiful memory to create, but it will take preparation and the know-how to care for your young ones while camping. For starters, you'll need to know what to pack. But what exactly should be on your list?

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If you want to know more on what to pack when camping with your baby, then read on as I show you a detailed list, as well as more tips on how you can begin the trip!

What To Pack When Camping With Your Baby 

Packing items for your baby when going on a camping trip isn't the most complicated process. In fact, we pack the similar tools and equipment adults need when outdoors.

When I used to camp with my little ones (and did my research), I created a sample checklist that contained items like these:

1. Mosquito Repellent and Anti-Itch Cream 

One of the most significant issues when going camping (especially during the summer!) would be the many mosquitoes and insects that bite and cause allergic reactions.

To help lessen this, keep your baby comfortable and itch-free by providing the proper DEET-free repellents to assure that he'll be free from any red bumps and nasty reactions to insect bites. Have anti-itch cream to treat any wounds when on the campsite as well.

2. Nightlights and Wearable Lights 

Some babies are unable to sleep without the appropriate lights to keep them comfortable. Using night lights in the tent or wearable lights like glow sticks will have your babies amused while the colors lull them to sleep. It also distracts them while outdoors.

I also recommend that you put wearable lights on your baby when taking them out at night so you can easily spot them.

3. A Tent with Travel Beds or Bassinets

What To Pack When Camping With Your Baby 2

This isn't just for the adults, but your little one will need the appropriate shelter to have him sleep soundly. With a breathable tent, your baby will stay warm and comfortable, free from insect bites or other small creatures when outdoors.

You can also opt to have an inflatable bed or compact bassinet you can set up inside the tent to assure comfort and safety as your baby rests.

4. Food and Water 

No human can live without food and water. Pack the appropriate amount of baby food or formula for your little one. It's best to pack a bit extra in case he gets squeamish.

I recommend that you pre-pack it instead of placing it in disposable containers to lessen the mess. As for water, it's best to bring some from home or bring a filter to ensure clean and drinkable water for your baby's sensitive stomach.

5. Camp Kitchen Kit 

Your baby's camp kitchen kit should include a bowl, spoons, and cups. It's best to use this rather than disposable materials for the sake of the environment and to make it easier to clean up.

I recommend that you have a firm and brightly-colored camp kitchen kit for your little one to keep him interested in his food while the kit itself stays intact throughout the whole trip.

6. Appropriate Clothing and Swimsuits (if needed) 

What To Pack When Camping With Your Baby 3

Pack according to the expected weather. For summer, have your baby wear sun hats and breathable light-colored clothes. During colder weather, your baby should wear warm hats, gloves, jackets, and other layers to keep him protected and warm.

If you plan on going to the campsite during the summer, then you should bring the appropriate life vests and suits for your baby. Don't forget the sun protection as well!

7. Butterfly Net or Bughouse 

Just like mosquito repellents, a butterfly net or bughouse will help prevent insects coming into your tent and harming both you and your little one.

Make sure that you have a butterfly net installed, which will keep the shelter breathable while the insects are away. Remember to pack in a blanket for your little one as well, especially during cold weather.

8. Survival Kit and First Aid Kit With Personal Medicine

There will be some unexpected issues when camping, and while we do our best to prevent that, it's still best to prepare for it. Be sure to pack in a survival kit and first aid kit for any bumps along the way.

The kits should also include your baby's medicine if needed. That way, you are fully-equipped and ready for anything.

9. Training Potty and Diapers 

What To Pack When Camping With Your Baby 4

We all need to go to the toilet. But for babies, they aren't able to go to the outhouse and do their thing alone. If you are potty training your little one, I recommend bringing a travel-friendly potty trainer.

But for younger babies, opt for cloth diapers, which are environmental. But disposable diapers are also great as you wouldn't want to keep on washing and drying the diaper.

10. Toys Your Baby Will Enjoy

What To Pack When Camping With Your Baby 5

Of course, your baby can get restless throughout the whole trip, and what better way to keep him entertained than to pull out his favorite toys? Only bring his favorite ones to avoid over packing and putting on too much weight in the bag.

Apart from this list, here is an excellent video showing you what to pack when camping with a baby:

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And there you have it! Camping with your baby doesn't need to be the most challenging part of parenting. As long as you bring all the necessary tools and equipment to keep your little one safe and happy, then you will both have an enjoyable trip.

Just stay organized and have fun while keeping safety a priority.

I hope that this article on what to pack when camping with your baby helped you out. So don't wait any longer and begin planning your camping trip with your little one today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences when camping with your baby, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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