RV Short Queen Mattress Buying Guide

RV Short Queen Mattress Buying Guide
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Imagine a perfect vacation as a trip through beautiful landscapes and visiting all the places you want. Vehicles like RVs, campers, or trailers are equipped for such adventures. But you have to be aware that you can't expect luxury accommodations on wheels.

Comfortable sleep in the RVs is not a priority for the manufacturers. Given the limited space and the carrying capacity of the vehicle, they had to use lightweight materials and focus on the rational use of space.

RV cushions that come with the vehicle aren't exactly the most comfortable thing on the planet, especially those in slide-out beds. They can't be thicker than 5 inches because of easier folding. If you suffer from back pain or just want to relax, it is clear that sleeping on these beddings will be quite uncomfortable.

If you're into RVing, you should consider buying a short queen mattress. Although more expensive, they are a much better option for your camper or trailer than air beds. If you study the offer of these products and know what you need, you can find bedding for an RV that will suit both your back and your wallet.

Know Dimensions and Shape

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Some RVs and trailers can be a worthy replacement for small houses or apartments. In such vehicles, there are more options for equipping comfortable sleeping areas. Yet, once you find an RV mattress that suits you, even sleeping in smaller spaces will be a real blessing.

For large or medium-size campers that are wide but not overly long, the best choice is a short queen mattress. It's a model that's a bit shorter (by about 5 inches) than the standard queen model. But all the other features are the same.

Camping vehicles come in different sizes and configurations. What you need probably can't be found in the standard size chart. You can't do anything but order a custom mattress. It will be made according to the requirements of the space in your vehicle.

Buying a custom mattress is a more expensive option than buying one of the standard size models. Some RVs will need rounded edges or semicircular bedding. As these are not standard mattress forms, that raises the price. But buying bedding that perfectly suits your RV is better than purchasing a cheaper model that can't fit in the space.

Choose Material Carefully

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The material from which mattresses are made affects its hardness and sleeping comfort. Before deciding on mattress type, you should know what kind of sleeping pad suits you. Many back issues happen due to sleeping on inappropriate surfaces.

Even if you make a mistake in choosing the RV bedding, the solution is to add another layer. You can buy some toppers for cozier sleep. These are actually thinner mattresses with an upper layer of memory foam. 

More on the benefits and disadvantages of memory foam check on the source below:


Most short queen mattress models are made of polypropylene foam. They represent the cheapest model you can put in your RV. You can't expect the high quality and durability of these mattresses. If you live in an RV and use this bedding every day, you will probably need to replace it after a few months.

Higher quality models are made of memory foam or latex. While memory foam is the pinnacle of comfort because it fully adapts to your body's shape, latex is not suitable to sleep on. Again, this is something you can solve by purchasing a cushion pad. What is the advantage of latex is that it is a natural material and easy to maintain.

Store or Online Shopping

Online shopping offers many more options because you can find what you need without going to stores. The next thing is that you have access to a broader selection of mattresses. You can look for models with improved features that you can't find in furniture stores. For example, models with air pockets are excellent for vehicles with no air-conditioning. 

The problem with online shopping can be buying the wrong product. There is less chance that you will buy something that doesn't suit you when you go to the store. Also, online scammers often deceive customers with inaccurate information and false ads. Delayed delivery and payment in advance are also some issues that buyers reported. 

Why Can't You Put Regular Mattress in RV?

The technologies used in making bed mattresses have enabled the emergence of many new models with a variety of features. But you can't find all of these features in RV beddings. Every add-on makes the bedding heavier, which is not desirable when it comes to RVs. That's why RV mattress brands implemented only some features, like thermo-regulation or air pockets.

These products must be light and adapted to the vehicle's dimensions. You should know there are some standardized sizes for RV mattresses (check this page for more information), but they are generally smaller than those for real beds. Although they don't have the features like commercial beddings, RV beddings don't lag in comfort. 

Sleeping on a comfortable surface means that you will have a quality rest. The next day, you'll be relaxed and ready for the journey. Buying an RV mattress doesn't have to be a hassle. You must know where to find these products and which brands to look for. Don't make saving your priority; get yourself quality bedding and enjoy RVing.

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