Small-Scale Farming Tools For Beginners (Broadfork & other)

Small-Scale Farming Tools For Beginners (Broadfork & other)

The history of agriculture and farming dates back over 10,000 years ago and is still going strong. Farming is incredibly important for growing food, raising animals, planting and more. Before farming, humans were hunters and gatherers, which was a much more difficult and unsustainable lifestyle.

When many of us think of farms as these large and massive operations, most farms are actually quite small and family-owned. In fact, 98% of all farms in the USA are owned and operated by families. Not only that, but they provide a ton of food and other resources to people across the country.

However, whether your farm is large or small, there are some tools that you will need. But there is indeed a difference in what you may need in a small farm and a large one. With that in mind, this article is going to look at some great small-scale farming tools that all beginner farmers should have.

A Broadfork

A good quality broadfork is without a doubt one of the most useful tools for your new small-scale farm. Breaking up the dense soil throughout your farm is incredibly important, and a broadfork makes doing so incredibly easy. This process helps improve the drainage and aeration, to help plant and grow better crops.

By stepping on the crossbar of the broadfork, the tines will go deep into the soil and then lever upwards. This is great as it maintains the structure of the topsoil and doesn’t mix the different layers of dirt or soil together.

A Truck or Other Small Vehicle

Small-Scale Farming Tools For Beginners (Broadfork & other) 1

While your beginner small-scale farm won’t be giant, it will probably still be too large to walk around quickly if it grows to more than a few acres. As a result, you should look to invest in a vehicle of some kind. A smaller pickup truck can be a great investment and can ensure you aren’t wasting your days walking back and forth from one place to another.

If you don’t want a truck, something like an ATV that can attach a trailer to it is a great choice. Either of these vehicle options will allow you to get around your farm while making it easy to haul things around. A small tractor could be another option as it can help with some tasks like digging, mowing lawns, and even making hay bales. These tasks can also be done manually, if you simply don’t have the budget for a vehicle right now.

While a vehicle like this can be quite expensive, they are an investment to save time and make your life easier over time. Of course, be sure to only purchase a vehicle that you can afford. 

A Composter

Not only is composting incredibly environmentally friendly, it can also be beneficial to the success of your small-scale farm. Compost can act as fertilizer for your soil and provide crucial nutrients to both the soil and your crops. It won’t cost you anything as the compost can often simply be food waste. 

You can even purchase a compost box or create your own. These will allow you to store a ton of compost and utilize it when you need. Many of these can also keep your compost and food waste away from pests or small animals that may want to eat it.

In conclusion, the small-scale farming tools mentioned in this article are great for beginners. They can certainly help you complete a lot of different tasks that you’ll need to do on the farm. Of course, having a successful farm requires the use of hand tools, garden tools and several other items, but the three we mentioned earlier are incredibly underrated and important options.

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