Some Important Tips While Choosing Camping Tents for Next Vacation

Some Important Tips While Choosing Camping Tents for Next Vacation

So, you are planning to go camping on your next vacation. Are you sure you’ve got all the necessary things you need for the camping? If you want to spend your day and night in a cozy camp, be sure that you don’t forget to pack the best camping tent. Believe it or not, the camping gear can make or break a camping holiday so get away with it by making sure you have the right one when you need it.

Whether it is your first time to camp or not, getting some important tips while choosing the best camping tents helps a lot. Thus, be sure to check out for more guides on camping tents. You have to look for smart features to ensure that you and your tent are well protected against different elements. 

Some Important Tips While Choosing Camping Tents for Next Vacation 1


First things first, you should know how to set a tent yourself if you want to become a real camper. Once you do, it will be easier for you to spot the important parts and tools that will keep your camping tent up as long as you like. The worst thing that anyone would want to experience during a camping holiday is to struggle with installing a camping tent.

Some camping tents look really cool on pictures but in reality, they are impossible to set up. In the end, you’ll realize that you just wasted your time and money on a trash tent.

Quality of the Canvas

The camping tents’ canvas is very vital since it serves as a protection to the entire tent against various elements. A high-quality camping tent canvas is not only designed to keep the water out but also the harmful UV rays. Be sure that the canvas of the camping tents you choose will be able to stand against deterioration and fire. Top notch camping tents should be made with fire-retardant to slow down or stop the fire from spreading in its surface.

Staying Dry

Though most campers arrive every summer season, it is still a must that your tent is capable of staying dry. This includes keeping the water out especially while you are enjoying a good night sleep on your camping site. The camping tents you choose should be designed to reduce the pooling tendency no matter how hard the rain pours outside. The zipper of your chosen camping tents should be strong enough and smooth to keep your tent sealed.

Some Important Tips While Choosing Camping Tents for Next Vacation 2

Protection against Heat and Rain

The last thing any camper would want is to feel like a roasted chicken inside the tent when it is sunny, and freezing when it’s cold outside. Your camping tent should be able to keep you heated when it is cold outside and keep you cool when it is hot outside. A 4 season camping tent will ensure that you are cozy inside no matter what is the current season you want to go on camping. Rain or shine, you should be able to enjoy a good camping holiday even if your tent is only small.

Mesh for Keeping Creepy-Crawlies Out

Once you are out in the camping site, expect that there will be different kinds of insects that crawling or flying around you. If you don’t want mosquitos to feast on you, keep them out of your tent with a high-quality mesh and zipper that works inside and out. A solid structure, high-quality mesh and heavy-duty zippers that glide with ease will keep your tent sealed.

Tent Capacity

When it comes to considering the size of your camping tent, never assume that a 4-man tent can really fit 4 individuals inside. In reality, it can only fit up to 3 individuals inside to sleep in. But if you will consider if it is comfortable inside to fit in 3 people, the answer is no. Not to mention if each individual’s height ranges from 6 to 7 feet or more.

To guarantee comfort during sleep, a 4-man tent should only fit in up to 2 individuals. If you are 3 in your family, you should get a family tent with a capacity to fit in 5 individuals. This way, the campers inside can move freely and sleep better.

Some Important Tips While Choosing Camping Tents for Next Vacation 3

Tent Weight

Aside from the mentioned points above, consider if you are planning to bring your camping tent on long distances or not. Are you going to use a car to carry your tent or you will be carrying it on your own? Are you planning to camp on top of a mountain or on a flat ground? Before you buy a tent, make sure that you can carry it to your camping site without straining your shoulders and back, or that it fits in your car.

Some camping tents might tempt you to buy it without thinking of how you will be able to carry it so slow down. Besides, putting your tent on your car’s roof requires some muscles already especially if it is a family tent. The more lightweight your tent is the better.

Tent Ventilation

There are times when most campers wake up feeling wet all over due to poor ventilation. If you don’t want to wake up with your bedding and clothes wet, make sure that your tent has proper ventilation to reduce the condensation inside.

Some Important Tips While Choosing Camping Tents for Next Vacation 4

Added Features

Aside from the important features that are mentioned above, you can also look for additional features like windows, doors, and even pockets. Additional pockets can keep your gloves, keys, and other items while extra doors can add privacy. You can also check if the camping tents you like are available in other shapes and compatible with accessories like extended rooms, canopy etc.


Whether you are a regular camper or not, investing in camping tents is worth it as long as you consider the important tips above. Investing in camping tents that are designed for all types of seasons will help you enjoy a camping vacation any time of the year.

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