Tips for Cooking while Camping

Many people take very different approaches to cooking while camping. While some campers prefer to eat an extremely simple, cooking in the outdoors can easily be one of the most enjoyable experiences of the campout. 

Food is known to bring people together, and this is especially true at a campsite. Often cooking while camping involves almost everyone helping out, great conversation, and unique moments of delighting in great food and company. With that said, let's dive into some great tips to help you learn and improve your camp cooking!


Preparation is a key determinant of the success of cooking on your campout. Particularly due to the lack of easily accessible food and resources in remote camping areas, ensuring you have everything you need is of vital importance.

A common practice is to plan out a menu of all your meals for the entirety of the campout. Besides being a fun and creative process, developing a menu helps you pack by establishing a written reminder of all the ingredients and dishes you need.

If you are planning on having meat, consider cooking it ahead of time to save time and extend the shelf life that it can safely last in a cooler. As mentioned previously, one of the greatest joys of cooking in the outdoor backdrop is getting everyone involved and bonding. While creating your menu, purposefully think of meals that allow the whole camp crew to participate in!

Cooking Equipment

Having proper and well-functioning equipment is key to a successful campout of food and fun. If planning to grill food, either bring a grate for the campfire or pack your own portable grill and stove. On campouts, propane stoves are the most popular instruments for creating your delicious dishes.

Remember to double check your propane levels before leaving; bringing extra propane is always a smart idea to serve as backup for any mishaps. When you cook, you usually have to clean too! Therefore, it is important to bring the appropriate dish cleaning material to clear your set-up and keep the great outdoors beautiful.

Moreover, do not forget to bring essential items like matches as a fuel source and a can or bottle opener if your menu requires. Ensure that you invest in a quality ice chest, as it will be responsible for keeping the food safe and in turn keeping everyone's bellies full.

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Make a checklist of small kitchen appliances to pack; recommended appliances and utensils include measuring cups, coffee pot, sharp knives, cutting boards, plates, cups, and silverware. Aluminum foil serves great for packing meals and veggies while ziplock bags are perfect for storing dry food and spices. A great tip is to label all your bags and foil so you can quickly find and prepare your meal when it comes time!


While it may seem like a lot of preparation and equipment to have a successful campout of cooking delicious meals, do not be intimidated! Working a little extra before the camping adventure will allow you to truly live in the moment and enjoy the excellent food and company.

An ordinary campout is easily transcend into an incredible experience when everyone comes together to savor and partake in shared dining. So, go ahead and start preparing to cook while you camp! A truly unique and special culinary adventure awaits you.

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