Awesome Tips For Using Solar Energy To Power Your RV

There are tons of information on adding a solar panel to RV or camper. However, much of the information provided is usually confusing or superficial. RV solar panels are devices that convert light into power. 

These gadgets require a reliable source of energy and a convenient way to transmit the power from solar panels. In this article, we are going to explore various Tips for Using Solar Energy to power your RV.

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1. Start with a small solar

Adding solar panels to your RV is easy but it gets expensive if you have too many, to begin with. It’s important to study the amount of power you will need and the number of devices that will be powered. This information will assist you in getting the best RV solar panel kit for your daily use. 

Some solar panel dealers can assist you in determining the amount of power you need for your requirements. It is also essential to familiarize yourself with DC, AC and wattage and a general knowledge on how inverter work.

2. Purchase a protector

It is crucial to find a guard for your power generating system. This controller prevents the batteries from overcharging by barring the power from the solar panel to the battery. Since you need all your apparatus to last for long, this is one asset you should highly consider having as part of your power system.

3. Make your devices compatible

Many people end up having many gadgets in the house without factoring in the compatibility issues. Before purchasing the apparatus it’s essential to understand how they’d run and the necessities thereof. A power inverter may be required to ensure all the appliances work perfectly. The difference in voltage between the electronics and the battery might need to be regularized.

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4. Tilt the solar panels

Solar panels work best when they are inclined at 90 degrees towards the sun. During the summer, when the sun is directly overhead, solar panels can remain flat. However, in winter, when the suns position has shifted, its advisable to tilt the panels. 

5. Battery monitors

These useful gadgets are used to detect the amount of power flowing from your battery. They give you the exact reading of the amount of power you have left. These devices are important for several reasons. First, they aid you to monitor the amount of power left so that you can plan on it.

Secondly, they help in identifying the effect your RV solar panel have on your battery. If you find that you are undercharging your battery, you may need to make adjustments to draw most of the energy.

6. Find a good battery

Regardless of the size of your solar panel, the capacity your battery can hold matters a lot. The battery size determines the amount of charge that can be stored from the collected energy. A deep cycle battery is recommended because it has the ability to store charge for a long time.

Apart from the durability, these batteries provide a steady amount of current as opposed to the normal car batteries. It is advisable to invest in a large battery that can hold power for 3-4 days without a need for a recharge. This is necessary since some days you may end up experiencing cold weather or inadequate sunshine.

7. Choosing between curved and flat panels

There are several differences between curved and flat solar panels. Flat panels are more durable while curved panels are lighter. In general, curved solar panels are more costly than flat solar panels.

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8. Connect to shore power

While ensuring your appliances are compatible, it is also important to ensure your inverter allows the battery to charge on shore power. This is an excellent idea if you do not plan to use it regularly. Shore power is important for ensuring that your rig is always equipped with backup.

9. Investing in powerless alternatives

Using the solar RV means minimizing the amount of power consumption from various apparatus. If you are accustomed to boiling water of using heaters, it might be time to rethink your energy consumption.

You can resolve to use stove-top percolator to substitute electric heaters and battery powered LED to keep the solar lights off. It is also important to unplug appliances from power when they are not in use. This might not seem to be of much benefit but it can help you to save great amounts of energy.

10. Leverage other sources of energy

When you are in a car, you can use the car’s charging system to charge some gadgets like your phone, Bluetooth devices, and iPod. This goes a long way in saving the amount of energy saved in your solar battery.

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