Tips To Improve Your Long Range Shooting

​​Long range shooting is a skill that you are not able to master in a single day.  There are a lot of factors that you need to know about and consider when shooting a target from a distance.  Patience and time are needed before you are ready to make your shot.  However, if you want to improve your long range shooting skills, there are some tips that you should know about.

A Comfortable Position And Relaxation

When you set your shot up, you need to ensure that the rifle is pointing naturally at your target.  The crosshairs also need to be in the right place.  If you feel the need to realign the rifle, you need to move your whole body.

You should start with your legs instead of simply turning your torso.  You might also need to lift the rifle and replace it on the stand.

Have A Position That Is Solid Enough To Keep The Rifle Steady

Most of the long range shooting you do is done while you are prone.  This is why you need to ensure that your body is properly grounded.  You need to have your elbows down and rest your forearms on the ground.  The weak hand will need to support the rifle butt at the shoulder and will also need to be grounded.  If necessary, you should look at using a back bag to help with this.

You Need A Perfect View Through The Scope

When you are looking through your scope, you should never shoot if the view is not 100% clear.  Tunnel effects and shadows will create parallax errors that will throw your shot off.  It is recommended that you check the front and rear lenses to ensure that they are in perfect alignment.

The rear lens should jest exceed the diameter of your front lens. This process is known as lining up the circles and is very important.  It should be done with aperture sights on your target rifles as well as your telescopic sight.

The Shot Release ​​​​And Follow Through Has To Be Made Without Undue Movement

When you squeeze the trigger, you need to use the center of your index finger pad.  Your fingernail should be parallel to the trigger guard so the motion is straight back.

While you are squeezing the trigger, you need to maintain your view through the scope.  Flinching and blinking when squeezing the trigger does play a huge role in whether or not you hit the target.

When the shot breaks, you need to commit the location of the crosshairs to your memory.  You will then have to refocus on the moment when the bullet hits the target.  All of this information is important for the placement of your next shot.

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Hold The Rifle Firmly To Control The Recoil, But Not Too Tight

Your cheek should engage the stock of the rifle when you look through the sight.  However, your head should be reasonably upright and not tilted at an angle.

This is why a good cheek weld is important.  You should also keep a firm hold of the rifle grip with your thumb curling around it for safety.  You should avoid leaving your thumb alongside the safety catch or behind the bolt.  This is a painful habit that will make itself known when you use large caliber rifles.

Practice At Short Range Then Move Further

There are a lot of people who start with long range shooting when their short range shooting skills are still not perfect.  When you add basic errors to your long range shooting attempts, you will be setting yourself up for disappointment.  It is better to be able to consistently shoot at short range before you take the first steps toward long range.

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Study The Effects Of Gravity And Wind On bullets

If you are looking at long range shooting, you should know that measuring the real distance between rifle and target is important.  However, it is also important to calculate the direction and speed of the wind and use proven ballistic data to help you make your shot.  This is one of the reasons why you should invest in a wind meter, a laser rangefinder and the right ballistic solution for the rifle you use.

Knowing Wind Speed And Direction May Not Be Enough

While knowing the wind speed and direction is important, it might not be enough for success.  Trees, topography, mirage and multiple wind values leading to the target will also play a role.  You also need to consider the up and downdrafts and their effect on the flight of the bullet.  The only way that you can get the skills to assess this will be to practice and gain experience.

Having Made A Shot Once Means Nothing

You should not become one of those people who talk about a lucky shot as if you can repeat it at any time.  Being able to make the shot is what counts.

Do Not Confuse Long Range Shooting With Real Hunting

When you are hunting, you need to respect your prey and get close enough to make the first shot with 100% certainty.  You also need to have the skills and ammo to finish the job if something goes wrong.

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