Top 7 Camping Essentials

The Top 7 Camping Essentials

Don’t forget these if you want to make the most of your outside adventure

Camping is a great way to explore the great outdoors. Honestly, we have some truly breathtaking and beautiful parts on this planet and they don't get enough credit. Many people think a great idea of a holiday is spent in a hotel or villa, this just means they're missing out on some of the best places to go. For many camping is a chore and isn't an enjoyable experience because things aren't done for them.

With the right equipment and essentials, camping can be an exhilarating or relaxing experience. Get closer to nature, engage in some outdoor pursuits or simply unwind in some of the beauty that the natural world has to offer.

In this list, I'll be telling you the 7 essentials to take with you to ensure that your break away from the grind is a relaxing break, instead of a nightmare.

1. Tent (duh)

This is probably the most obvious so I've put it right to the top. Of course, some campsites offer "Glamping" but that isn't what we're talking about today. A good quality tent should be weatherproof, not just resistant. When you're camping you are outside in the elements, the only thing between you and the great outdoors and its weather is your tent! By taking with you a quality tent you have one of the most important things for outdoor survival, shelter. This will keep you from the wind and rain and even respite from the sun on a hot day.

Definitely make sure it is built to house the number of people you intend it to; there isn't much point in trying to stack four people and their packs in a tent built for two. Quality tents should also be straightforward to erect also, although my advice would be to make yourself familiar with it before you go so setting up on your campsite isn't a first time experience. Trust me when I say this will help reduce the stress associated with pitching a tent.


2. Sleeping Bag

If you followed step one then you have somewhere to sleep. Now you need something to sleep in. Again, good quality is a must as this will keep you warm and dry, comfort is also a plus. When outside people are often caught out by nighttime temperatures which can drop dramatically to nearly freezing. People often associate comfort with happiness and if you want to get the most out of your camping trip then a comfortable sleeping bag is desirable. A sleeping bag will also help against one of the unfortunate realities of the outdoors; bugs!

3. Multi-tool

Many people will recommend a pocket or lock knife and suggest trying to complete a whole host of tasks with one tool. That was maybe true 50 to 60 years ago but things have changed for the better now. A good multi-tool will perform so many different functions and perform them well. Helping to trim rope, fishing line, cutting bait, opening packets and so much more. A decent multi-tool isn’t just for camping, it’ll help in many day to day situations so it’s great having one handy. They are one of my top recommendations for anyone camping just because of the varied tasks they can perform. They’re great in a pinch and have helped me in more instances than I can recall.


4. Camping Percolator

Yes, coffee is a crucial part of life. The camping percolator is part of the multi-tool method of thinking. In days gone by making a hot drink or coffee depended on making the fire. Boiling water in a pot, then transferring into another and another….you get the point. Coffee making years ago was a labor-intensive task that risked burns and scalds several times. Camping percolators just simplify this process and make a boring cup of coffee great tasting and easy. Remember that you're on a camping holida​​​​y to relax and enjoy yourself. For the best outdoor products list you can check reviewneeds website.

We have coffee machines at home so why not the equivalent for camping? We have these machines to provide a great-tasting cup of Joe and for their simplicity. Camping percolators do this by having separate chambers, one for water and the coffee grounds. Just placing on a heat source is enough to start the process and a great and enjoyable cup of morning goodness is brewing without the struggle.

5. Firelighter

Don't take just a flint, or matches, or a cigarette lighter. Take a few options because the last thing you want is to be stuck unable to make a fire so always carry a backup option. The fire will be your source of heat, for cooking, warmth and preparing hot drinks. In the evening nothing beats sitting by a crackling fire and relaxing to the sight and smell. Without a way to light that fire, you're at a serious disadvantage. I also recommend taking fire blocks or fire starters to give you a helping hand to get a fire going.


6. First-aid Kit

The more advanced kit the better. These are invaluable when in the outdoors and often far away from medical assistance. Cuts and scrapes happen but with a first aid kit containing band-aids and anti-bacterial creams or wipes will stop these becoming an infected problem later. Many first-aid kits designed for camping often contain bug bite treatments and tweezers to remove ticks. Being potentially life-saving I cannot emphasize enough how valuable a good first-aid kit can be. While the probability of suffering a serious injury while camping is indeed low it is always wise to adhere to the scouts' motto of "Always prepared".

7. Bag

This is a pretty obvious one too (I hope). If you're carrying all this essential equipment you need a way to carry it. A great bag will help you organize everything and make it easy to carry around while keeping everything in one place. Remember that you're on holiday to relax and enjoy yourself.

Bonus essential: Toilet paper

This should be obvious but you’d be surprised how many people forget this…

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  1. Great list. Agree with you 100% on items 1 and 2. It’s always better to spend a little more and get a quality tent and sleeping bag. It can literally make the difference in a great experience or a not so great experience.

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