3 Simple Way To Unclog RV Toilet – Awesome RV Experience (2023)

3 Simple Way To Unclog RV Toilet - Awesome RV Experience
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RV camping is an excellent way to go out and experience a whole trip of camping with better comfort. One thing I appreciated about using an RV when camping was the fact that it had its toilet, so I was assured security and privacy when doing my business!

But one issue I had when dealing with the toilets of RVs would have to be the blockage and clogging. Not only was it a hassle not having access to a working toilet when on the road, but there were a horrible smell and the chances of flooding in the small area!

And that's why I needed to find a way on how to unclog RV toilet quickly.

So if you are facing a dilemma I used to had before, read on as I show you the methods on how to unclog RV toilet and enjoy an RV camping trip without any problems.

How To Unclog RV Toilet

How To Unclog RV Toilet And Have an Awesome RV Experience 1

You will know you have a clogged toilet when:

- The valve isn't working properly and is hard to either open or close.

- You cannot hear or see anything happening when trying to flush the toilet.

- It's having a hard time flushing and might even begin to flood the area (this is the worst and grossest sign!).

A clogged toilet is not a sight to see (or smell), so you must treat it immediately. So if you're out on a camping trip already or still preparing for the road trip, here are the methods on how to unclog RV toilet:

Using a Plumber's Snake

How To Unclog RV Toilet And Have an Awesome RV Experience 2

You will need another pair of hands to clog your RV toilet using this method!

You will need the following materials:

- Hose attached to your faucet

-Large bucket

- Used clothing that can be thrown away

- Protective eyewear

- Rubber boots

- Rubber gloves

- Plumber's snake


1. Prepare to unclog the toilet by having both you and your helper put on the protective clothing. Your helper should then be at the black water tank valve.

2. Place the bucket under the sewer tank opening and open the valve, having the helper open the sewer tank.

3. Allow the waste to trickle out of the tank and into the bucket, then push the plumber's snake up until you feel like you hit the clog.

4. Work its dowels up and down slowly until you can get movement.

5. Get out of the way to avoid getting hit with waste. Allow the mess to exit the hose and into the bucket. If ever there is only a little bit of waste that comes out, the helper should close the sewer tank valve while you empty the bucket in the dump station or campsite's toilet. Repeat the procedure, until there is no more waste and it comes rushing out, unclogging the toilet.

Hot Water

How To Unclog RV Toilet And Have an Awesome RV Experience 5

If you're stuck in a pickle and have no plumber's snake, then you may want to try boiling water, which has been proven to be effective by many campers!
You will need:

- Several pots of boiling water


1. Have the water bubbling and piping hot before pouring it into the toilet. Once the water is boiling, take it off the heat and immediately pour it into the toilet and the tank.

2. Allow the hot water to sit overnight and let it soak. You can also drive around to let the water mix with the clog.

3. Flush to see if that fixed the problem.


This is another quick fix when you are already at the campsite and have no plumber's snake or water available.

You will need:

- Water

- Stick with blunt ends (from the woods or tree branches)


1. Snake your stick down the toilet drain and push the clog out. This may take a few attempts.

2. Once you feel like you have pushed the clog down to the holding tank, run water from your toilet to the tank. Now flush and see if it has flushed the clog.

Prevent the Toilet From Unclogging Again

Now that you know how to unclog RV toilet, what are the things you should do to prevent it from happening again? Here are the tips to follow:

How To Unclog RV Toilet And Have an Awesome RV Experience 3

- Make sure that you determine what is and isn't flushable. This is the primary cause of clogged toilets! You can only flush human waste, but any sanitary napkins, tampons, or used tissue paper is a no-no! Set this as a rule for the whole family.

- Before leaving for your camping trip, make sure that you check the RV's toilet and its tank, ensuring that it is clear from any obstructions. Assess the flush. If it is weak, don't wait for it to get weaker until it's fully clogged! Plunge the weak-flushing toilet before leaving. Prevention is key to keeping the situation at bay!

Avoid using a lot of toilet paper and avoid flushing it all at once, if you do so. I recommend that you throw it in the wastebasket, or to at least flush twice.

- If the problem persists no matter how many times you unclog the toilet, then it may be the problem with the RV itself, and you should have it checked by a professional - Mark Coleman from US Auto Authority can give you some advice

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Dealing with a clogged toilet in the house is one thing, but when it's in an RV, it's hard to ignore and keep it that way throughout the whole trip!

So whether you're preparing your RV for a camping trip or already on the road and suffering from a clogged toilet, then these tips will help you maintain a functioning toilet and save the day. No more flooding or smelly, broken toilet anymore! Also, if you have a long trip, you may want to install an incline water filter for RV, and don't worry about the quality of water you drink during the trip.

I hope that this article on how to unclog RV toilet helped you out. So don't wait any longer and fix your clogged toilet or take the preventive measures on keeping your toilet functioning for your camping trip today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on how to unclog RV toilet, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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