What To Bring on a Treasure Hunting Trip

What To Bring on a Treasure Hunting Trip

Are you a treasure hunter, or someone who’s thinking of doing it for the first time? Treasure hunting can be a fun and rewarding hobby for many people. The thrill of finding lost items is what makes life worth living for avid treasure hunters out there. Who knows what could be lurking under your yard? What kind of artifacts you can find in the old abandoned church? Treasure hunting allows you to burrow back in time and get a glimpse of the past

Just like any kind of hobby, treasure hunting can be challenging at first. Some people give up during their first try. They lack patience and sometimes, they also lack tools to do it right. If you want to succeed, you need to have the appropriate tools and gears ready.

If you’re looking for a guide regarding the best tools to bring during your treasure hunting adventure, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be listing some of the tools and gears that are a must-have when searching for valuable treasures. 

Metal Detector

The most important thing you should bring is a metal detector. And not just any metal detector, invest in a good and high-quality metal detector for beginners. You want a metal detector that can locate treasure accurately. Some of the best can estimate the object’s depth and material. Other cheap brands don’t do this, making you waste 30 minutes digging up a rusty nail. 

Digging Equipment

Shovels are an essential tool for serious treasure hunters. Many rookie treasure hunters go treasure hunting with just their metal detectors which is a huge mistake since most treasures are often buried. You can also bring other digging tools such as rakes or other small garden tools.

If you’re a beginner, you’d want to start in an easy terrain first. Most beginner treasure hunters, go treasure hunting at the beach because sand is much easier to dig than soil. You don’t have to bring a shovel or any other digging equipment, a simple sand scooper is all you need to dig up a chest full of gold! 

Gloves and Boots

Going somewhere remote? Keep your hands and feet safe from injury by using waterproof hiking boots and quality garden gloves. Accidents can happen anywhere, even while treasure hunting. Looking for treasures can be dangerous especially if you’re hiking in rough, steep, or rocky terrain. People have died looking for treasures in treacherous areas like narrow canyons, high mountains, or cliffs.

No amount of treasure is worth your life so when treasure hunting makes sure that you’re protected from head to toe. The last thing you want is a chipped or peeled fingernail in the middle of treasure hunting. Better safe than sorry. Bring gloves and boots always when treasure hunting.

Electronic Pinpointer

A metal detector can help you locate where the treasure is electronic pinpointer can help you pinpoint exactly where the object is. Most pinpointers have 360-degree scanning with sound and vibration (increasing as you get closer to the object). Using both the metal detector and the pinpointer makes for a great combination and a quicker way to find treasure. 



When you’re using a metal detector in a crowded environment, like a beach or a park, you’ll want to hear the signal (even the weakest one) from your metal detector. A good pair of headphones should allow you to hear your metal detector signal if it detects something underground. Headphones also give you more privacy when you’re treasure hunting. People wouldn’t stop you to ask questions when you’re wearing headphones. This will allow you to find treasures in peace. 

Hat and Sunglasses

Block the sun from scorching your face with a hat. When treasure hunting, don’t forget to use protective gear to keep yourself cozy and safe. A big hat can prevent overheating when you’re treasure hunting in summer. Sunglasses will also protect your eyes and make it easier to see on bright days.

Bag or Cart

Obviously, you’ll need storage to carry treasure you might find. You don’t want to carry a huge bag that will be too much of a hassle while you’re searching. Just a medium-sized one will do. Something that isn’t too small as you can’t stuff your equipment too. Or if you have the budget, invest in a quad or cart. A cart will be the perfect tool for collecting treasure. 

While at its core, it may be about money, other hunters do it for the love for outdoors, for others it’s a deeper, humbling, and more meaningful way to live. As a beginner treasure hunter, you’ll probably dig more holes than find more loot. But it’s okay. The real joy and success of treasure hunting is reserved for people who truly love what they do and is determined to find the greatest treasures. What are you waiting for? Invest in the best equipment and get ready for the best treasure hunt of your life! 

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