What You Wanted to Know About WoodOX Sling – The Ultimate Firewood Carrier!

What You Wanted to Know About WoodOX Sling – The Ultimate Firewood Carrier - feature

If you are looking for a firewood carrier, that is lightweight, helps you carry a decent load, without causing your back to break, then the WoodOX Sling is your answer. If you are residing in a cold region or a country where you see snow and rain more often than the sun, then firewood, wood, or log carrier, would sound ideal for your daily usage.

The concept and principle of designing the sling to carry wood were solely that. It enables you to move around freely, despite the heavy luggage you are holding back, without realizing it. Let us read on to find out more.

In this article, we will take a look at all what you want to know about WoodOX Sling – The Ultimate Firewood Carrier. The WoodOX Sling makes it easier for you to carry firewood from your woodpile to stove. This design makes other firewood bags obsolete. This includes the product, its features, the risks and challenges faced, and find out if it is worth buying or not.

What is the WoodOX Sling all about?

The WoodOX Sling is a firewood carrier that comes shaped like a sling. It provides the user with an efficient and effective way to carry all the firewood, without a sweat. It sounds a lot easier and better, than having to carry the firewood, using your hands.

Yes, of course, you do have bags and totes, which are used to carry firewood, but they cause intense pain and agony, just after a few steps. Even youngsters have complained about the physical stress, they have felt when using the expensive monogrammed carriers, carrying few firewoods.

The reason for that being, they do not provide you with a design, which is strain free.

How does the WoodOX Sling work?

The design of the carrier is similar to the found on a cross-body messenger bag. It is such that, the user load is secured under the arm, on both sides, which ensures that the weight is evenly distributed on both sides.

When you carry the firewood or stand up once you have placed the load, the weight is equally distributed among your shoulders, enabling you to walk straight, without any strain on the back.

You would be surprised to know that most of the firewood carriers, which are available in the market, come with very poor design and negative feedback. Other carriers come with a flawed design.

When the users lift the weight, it is supported only on a single arm, causing extreme inconvenience and pain on the upper torso and back. That is because the weight is unevenly distributed.


What are the benefits of using the WoodOX Sling?

Not to mention, they become extremely painful when walking and pose a risk as they carrier or bag swings from side to side. The user's arm, wrist, and knee come under the risk of getting broken or snapped with that kind of uneven weight.

It all boils down to the design of the product, the firewood-carrier, in this case, enabling users to have flexibility and freedom of movement. The WoodOX Sling makes it easier for you to carry firewood from your woodpile to stove.

This design makes other firewood bags obsolete. That means, your hands are free, and you can perform other tasks like opening and closing doors. Not to mention, you can easily unload the firewood into the oven or stove without having to bend down or lean over, dangerously.

You can perform the tasks individually. The need to depend on others is not there, giving you ample freedom and flexibility on how you want to go about things. The material used in the making of the WoodOX Sling is cotton canvas.

Unlike, what many of you think, it is durable and strong. It can easily bear the weight of firewood, without any wear and tear. You will be glad to know that the makers have included a small LED flashlight, at the top of the arm sleeve in a small flexible strap, to help you walk your way through in the darkness.

Ambling your way through tight spaces will not be a challenge when you are holding firewood in both your hands. Instead, with this sling, you can easily climb upstairs, move around in the narrow hallways and back alleys, without having to adjust you're backloaded often.

All thanks to the fact that LogOX manufactures the sling, which specialises in the production of forestry products sold on Amazon, The Home Depot, the Tractor Supply Company, and Lowe’s.

The risks and challenges faced by the manufactures of WoodOX Sling!

Just like every product, which is released in the market the WoodOX Sling too comes with its share of drawbacks. We will discuss them briefly to get a better understand of the current scenario:

  • The patent for the product is still pending. That does not mean it is not ready for use. All the necessary safety tests and precautions have been carried out, by the manufacturer.
  • During the application for the patent, the drawings and necessary illustrations were provided. It can be said, that the product is only one in the category that has some of the best features.
  • Using verification from third parties, the prototype of the product has been manufactured. You will be glad to know that the construction of the product has been developed such that, the durability and quality are immensely enhanced.
  • Since the design of the product is straight forward, any sewing contract service firm can be able to replicate it. Not to mention, the materials to do are readily available in the market.
  • The company has been able to successfully identify a manufacturing partner, which is based in the United States of America. Production is due by the end of March, this year, once the funding is secured.

The WoodOX Sling is due for patent and is to be manufactured by a Vermont based company, LogOX, which is family-owned. It is safe to say, that the WoodOX Sling, is the ultimate firewood carrier. If you have been looking for one, then this is your answer. It is innovative and durable, as it is made from reliable materials, and is lightweight, enabling you to carry all the wood, without breaking your back.

Despite the odds, which stand their way, the company has been able to make rapid strides in the manufacture and development of the WoodOX Sling, is worth commending.

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