The Best Things You Can Do In Bandits Roost Campground

The Best Things You Can Do in Bandits Roost Campground
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When it comes to camping, you'll be able to do a ton of activities! You can choose between playing games, campfires, and living in the rough as you explore nature alone or with your loved ones. But before anything else, you'll need to plan.

The first thing to consider when camping would be WHERE you'll be traveling to. There are a lot of places around you that will be able to provide family fun, including Bandits Roost Campground.

But where is Bandits Roost Campground and what makes it an ideal place to travel here with your family? Read on as I show you all about Bandits Roost Campground!

Where Is Bandits Roost Campground?

You can find this campsite in Western North Carolina, located on the south side of W.Kerr Scott Reservoir. It's near the Yadkin River Valley. It's about a two-hour drive on average, depending on where you're coming from around North Carolina

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You won't only find the campsite to pitch your tent in, but enjoy the river and scenery around the valley. The entire reservoir is 1,465 acres with miles of biking trails.

The whole area has 102 campsites with 17 tent sites and 85 standard sites. All of them have water and electric hookups.

There are tent areas that have covered shelters with water and electricity, a grill, six tables, and seven tent pads.

Besides the shelters, you can also use their flush and pit toilets, showers, drinking water, and a dump station to throw your waste and trash. They also offer a vast host of facilities and amenities for camping fun.

The Best Things To Do In Bandits Roost Campground

Based on the services and amenities they have to offer, as well as customer experience, here are the top five things you can do when staying in Bandits Roost Campground for your family trip:

1. Hiking

The Best Things You Can Do in Bandits Roost Campground 2

Like what we said, the campground in a whopping 1,475 acres! Not only can you hike the valleys and mountain areas, but you can also view the wildlife and snap a few photos as well.

There are a ton of animals you can see roaming around as you walk around the trail.

If you're not a fan of hiking, then get your bike and cycle your way around the 25 miles of mountain biking trails. Not only is it a great calorie burn, but you'll see a lot of things!

2. Swimming

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Because Bandits Roost Park is right by the gentle Yadkin River, you can take a dip and refresh yourself with the fresh waters during the summer season. If you want more water activities, then you can choose between boating, canoeing, or even kayaking!

Similar to walking on the trails, there is wildlife abundant around the lake, with anglers catching catfish, smallmouth bass, bluegill, hybrid striped bass, or even a tiger muskellunge. So give into the waters and have fun with your family as you race along the river.

Don't worry, the waters don't move and are not dangerous.

3. Picnic

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There are a lot of picnic areas with grills so you can make a day out of it and rent a huge tent to yourself with friends. Have the area all to yourselves as you cook your favorite dishes and have a feast after a tiring day of hiking or swimming.

You can also choose to make your campfire and make smores during the night while stargazing. Whatever you prefer, make sure you prepare a lot of delicious eats and cook away!

4. Sports

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Not only do they have the lake and trails, but you can also play basketball in their courts or have fun with the smaller ones in the playground. Make it into a competition with your loved ones and have a game of basketball, burning calories while having a lot of fun trying to win the game.

May you want to read some camping games for adults

If you are with younger children who seem restless around the trail, then take them to the playground where they'll be able to entertain themselves and have fun!

5. Camping

The Best Things You Can Do in Bandits Roost Campground 6

Of course, the main thing you can do in Bandits Roost Campground is to camp! Instead of renting a trailer or shelter, challenge yourselves to spend a day in the rough, assembling your tent and sleeping with nature as your lullaby.

Take away all forms of electronic gadgets and have a whole weekend to yourselves. It'll strengthen your relationships and have you learn a thing or two about traveling outdoors.

Just remember to get a good campsite!

Tips When Traveling to Bandits Roost Campground

Here are some things you will need to know when going to Bandits Roost Campground: 

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  • If you will be using a private car, there is a $4 parking fee per day. Off-road vehicles are NOT allowed. Check-in is at 4 PM, check-out is at 3 PM.
  • Do NOT move firewood to preserve the nature area.
  • I recommend that you call for reservations instead of walking in, especially during the peak season. You can either call them for reservations or reserve online.
  • Pets are allowed, but they do not have areas for them. Make sure that you bring shelter and other necessities for your traveling pet as well.
  • While the signal is good, they do not offer wifi, if needed. But it's better not to let the Internet ruin your fun!


If you're looking for an excellent place to camp with family or friends, then go for Bandits Roost Campground. With a ton of activities and fantastic scenery, you and your loved ones will enjoy your vacation out in nature.

I hope that this article on Bandits Roost Campground helped you become more knowledgeable about the various activities you can do there. Now you can make your itinerary and activity plan. So what are you waiting for?

Plan your trip, enjoy the beauty of Bandits Roost Campground today!

If you have any questions or would like to post a review about your experience in Bandits Roost Campground, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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