Everything You Need To Know About Cargo Boxes: Camp More Efficiently Now

Everything You Need to Know About Cargo Boxes_ Camp More Efficiently Now
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Whatever vehicle you're driving, you'll want to make sure that you have everything covered… Literally. And when packing for your next camping trip or vacation, there's a huge chance that you can't fit everything in. And what's the result of that?

You place everything on the roof of your car! While it's completely fine to do this, there's a huge chance of it getting wet from rain, or worse- falling from poor setup.

That's why it's imperative to invest in cargo boxes, which have the many benefits to reap. However, that's only if you get the right one!

So if you want to know about what cargo boxes have to offer and how to choose the perfect one, then I do the research to help you out!

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What Is a Cargo Box? 

Before we get into what the cargo box has to offer and how to choose one, let's first define what this is.

I was first introduced to cargo boxes when I was struggling to find space in my car during a camping trip. Initially, I thought it was one of those huge shipping boxes! But these are actually carriers that are attached to your vehicle's roof, which are assigned to your crossbars, side rails, or rain gutters.

Carriers can come either open or closed, customized to hold certain things, such as heavy equipment you can't fit in the vehicle. Either way, these are awesome inventions that have you mount loads easily for just about any trip, protecting it from different elements and factors while you're on the road.

But we'll be getting to the specific benefits in the next section.

Benefits of a Cargo Box 

You're probably wondering: there are other types of ways you can carry your cargo, like trailer hitches or storage space hacks to save money. However, you'll be surprised that a quality cargo box does have its excellent benefits, such as:

Can Fit In The Big Items 

The first benefit of a cargo box is its ability to hold and transport huge items! Not only can it carry the extra luggages when we're traveling but even skiing equipment, bikes, canoes, or kayaks! I like that they have a large holding capacity without the worry of it being too heavy or cramped. No worries about being squished in the car!

No Obstruction On Rearview Mirror 

Another excellent benefit is the fact that there won't be any obstruction from the rearview mirror, making it easier and safer to drive. You won't need to invest in a camera to help see what's behind, nor will you need to squint or look behind for your safety. Plus, there's no need to hassle yourself in adding brake lights, compared to using a trail hitch.

Added Security From Weather and Thieves

This is an important benefit because you won't want to place your items on the roof of your car with the risk of it falling or being damaged and stolen! Because cargo boxes can be closed, it protects it from the weather. It also has locks that would secure the items, ensuring that it stays in place wherever you go and won't be stolen by thieves.

Easy to Access and Setup

Last but not the least, if your vehicle is low, it's a pretty easy setup and the cargo boxes come with instructions that make it less of a hassle to assemble and place your stuff inside. It's also an easy access. You just need to get up, open the locks, and get your items to get ready for your trip!

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How to Choose the Best Cargo Boxes 

Now that you're familiar with why it's important to have a best cargo box for your vehicle, how will you know which one is suitable for you? There are many different types of cargo boxes available that it can be quite confusing selecting the right one! So here are some helpful tips and factors to consider:


There are different types of sizes to choose from:

- Alpine is perfect when using the box for snowsports equipment, or those with lower profile and longer lengths.

- The L can carry higher-profile items, suitable for luggages, bags, or everyday items and equipment when moving or going on long trips

- XL is perfect for the family who loves going outdoors and require a ton of gear when going out. If you have bicycles, skis, snowboards, canoes, large luggages, it can fit in an XL.

- XXL is the largest size that can hold the heaviest equipment, like oversized luggages, outdoor items, and other things.

Necessary Features 

Look into other features you may want to have in your cargo box as well. Ensure that it's made with the strong and durable material built to last regardless of weather, as well as having the compatibility for your vehicle and the locks to keep it safe from thieves. It should have a roof rack and universal mounting hardware!

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Volume and Weight Limit 

There are various cargo boxes that have a specific weight limit. What you should get should depend on the type of items you plan on placing in. Consider the volume as well.

- 12 cubic feet can fit items for two people

- 12 to 18 cubic feet can fit items for up to three people

- 20+ cubic feet can fit items for five or more people

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Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! With the right cargo box, you'll be able to ensure that all of your items packed for the next trip out will be sage and sound. Plus, you're able to add even more necessary things you can't cram in your car!

Hopefully, this article showed you everything you need to know about cargo boxes and how to choose the best one suitable for your vehicle. So don't wait any longer and look into getting cargo box for your next trip now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on the best cargo boxes, then comment below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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