Learn How To Take Dog Camping That Will Make You A Pro!

Learn How To Take Dog Camping That Will Make You A Pro
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If you are a dog master who enjoys to camp, taking along the four-footed buddy on the outdoor excursions most likely seems like an excellent decision.

And, quite often, it is. When I decided for a camping with my dog, I was asking how to take dog camping. I had to face many problems to ensure a safe and exciting camping with my dog.

Listed below are top important things you'll have to carry on the camping trip to ensure that your canine can remain healthy and safe.

Learn How To Take Dog Camping That Will Make You A Pro 1

Traveling With Your Dog, Know The Key Rules!

It is most likely that going for the campsite along with your canine often requires a drive as well as it is very vital that your canine remains safe and comfortable for the excursion. It’s high time to bring your dog camping to the light, but you must be careful.

The "Highway-Code" says that drivers should, “ensure that other animals or dogs are restrained suitably in order that they can't distract you when you're driving or hurt themselves or you, in case you stop very quickly.’

This law additionally recommends that a "seat-belt" harness, dog cage or pet carrier should be utilized as a means of restraining your dog safely when on the go. Truth be told, car safety harness and "dog-seat" belts are easily accessible at your nearest pet stores.

It is also extremely vital that you've planned your path to accommodate frequent breaks - usually, a 20-30 minutes stop for every 3 hrs of driving must be sufficient. It will offer ample chance for your dog to relieve her/himself and stretch the legs.

Now as you know if you can go camping with your dog or not, let's learn the benefits of camping with your dog:

Learn How To Take Dog Camping That Will Make You A Pro 2

Benefits Of Dog Camping!

Dog Will Experience The Ground:

Your dog will display interest in understanding various things and even will enjoy the different elements of camping ground. This will enjoy discovering the new places and will display pleasure in smelling, finding the surroundings as well as hearing different sounds.

Let Your Dog Enjoy The Nature:

The fresh air you'll get inside the woods will be excellent for your health, it also signifies for the health of your dog as well. Camping is similar to an escape to the typical dull schedule and lots of exercises. The dog will definitely love the escape from day-to-day schedule, and such camping can offer great exercise for his/her body.

Leave Your Stress Behind:

Camping with the dog will make you feel more comfortable about the dog because you can easily avoid the stress of leaving your dog at the home or any canine staying house. Canines are an excellent company for long walks, trekking, and hiking. This can additionally be a reliable shield for you personally from risky animals if you're camping in the woods.

As you have decided to go camping with your dog, now, there are some important things to consider. Read out the tips below;

Learn How To Take Dog Camping That Will Make You A Pro 3

​​​​​10 Important Things To Check Out Before You Try Dog Camping!

Papers, ID Tags And Dog License:

Before leaving your home, ensure that you have copies of the immunization records, dog’s license, and other vital papers, such as the medications she/he is on, into water-resistant bag.

Additionally, you should ensure that the dog has got an updated "ID-Tag" on her/his collar and updated details on her/his microchip. These things will be useful if the dog gets missing or needs a consult with a veterinarian that is not her/his normal doctor. Also, check out this video and know what this expert says.

Enough Water And Fresh Food:

Simply because you are camping in the nature does not mean that the water in nearby rivers or streams are harmless for the canine to drink. In reality, they might be loaded with all kinds of chemicals, parasites or bacteria.

Therefore, ensure that you pack more than sufficient fresh and food water for his/her with bowls intended for each. As space is actually at premium in the camping kit, think about getting collapsible bowls just before your trip as they occupy minimal space.

A Strong Collar And Leash:

For a canine that is getting into the woods and even for the very first time, smells, sounds, and sights are overwhelming and new. This can trigger the dog to be overexcited and boost the danger of her/his lunging at noises or small animals.

Having quite a strong collar and leash on the dog will assist you to gain superior control over his/her must this happen. Getting along a "back-up" collar and leash is additionally a good practice.

Bags For Poop:

When you reach the campsite with your dog, you do not want to need to move around somebody else’s dog poops, so you must ensure that you bring sufficient bags for poop. By doing this, you will not leave the waste of your pup behind. Most trails and campsites have very tight rules concerning this, thus do the due diligence, cleanup after the canine, and you will not get in difficulty.

A Long Lead And Ground Stake:

While you are at the campsite, there's an important thing you need to do is usually "hang-on" to the leash of your dog all the time. Having a long lead and ground stake, you'll have the ability to make sure that your dog can not run too remote as well as your hands are going to be free just for pitching the camping tent, building fire, cooking food, and doing different chores around the camp.


If your puppy is taking any supplements or medications currently, you do not want to skip a dose. Therefore, ensure that you have well enough of the medication of your pet to get his/her through the trip. If you are going camping miles away from house, you should ensure that you bring enough extra medicine just if your return to home gets postponed for any cause.

Treats And Toys:

To ensure that your dog can enjoy her/his camping excursion to the maximum, you should pack some of her/his favorite treats and toys. It will not just help make the canine feel calmer, but also it will offer her/him something to concentrate the attention on when you are cooking or even sitting around fire.

First Aid Box:

A "first-aid" box is extremely vital to pack with you while you're going for a camping excursion. You must not just get one for you, but furthermore, one particularly designed for the dog considering dogs face some risks in outdoors which humans don't.

A Tick Remover And Brush:

Between taking walks through woods and lying around the camp, the dog can get messy on the camping trip. Packing a brush can make it simpler to clean his/her up as well as it will eliminate any particles from her/his fur.

Being in woods additionally increases the danger of the dog acquiring ticks on him/her, therefore having a "tick-removal" tool will assist keep the dog risk-free from such parasites.

Plastic Tarp And Bedding:

You want the puppy to get as relaxed as possible particularly on the camping trip, therefore make sure that you pack her/his favorite bedding; thus she/he will have something familiar to rest on.

Additionally, you will need to get a "plastic-tarp" to put below her bed because the cold temperature from ground can easily work the way up via the bedding as well as make your dog uncomfortable.

So, now you have learned about the top 10 important things, right? Still, have some questions? Read out these FAQs below;

Learn How To Take Dog Camping That Will Make You A Pro 4

FAQs You Need To Know!

How To Discover A Campsite Which Suites My Dog?

Answer: There is nothing more painful than smacking the path with your dog friend, just to arrive at the destination and then see a "No-Dogs-Allowed" sign.

No matter what type of camping excursion you are thinking about, make sure to research online or call ahead to discover dog-friendly trails and campsites.

Check on the leash laws, as well; some campsites simply welcome the restrained pets, while others are ok with your canine being "off-leash" if she/he’s under your voice control (you have to pick the poop up, of course).

Some post is helpful for you:

- https://barkpost.com/travel/10-best-dog-friendly-camping-spots-in-the-uk/

- https://www.pitchup.com/dog-friendly-camping/

- https://www.tripadvisor.co.nz/HotelsList-New_Zealand-Pets-Allowed-Campground-zfp13096044.html

What Will You Do With The Dog Camping?

Answer: There is a lot you can easily do in case you bring the dog camping! Strolling along the seaside, trekking over unfamiliar and exciting landscape, playing with her/him at campsite… this list will go on.

Eventually, bringing a dog on the camping excursion is a fantastic way to maintain the entire family involved and the entire experience will be an incredible bonding expertise for everyone. It is worthy of it, and I highly suggest it!

Where Will The Dog Sleep?

Answer: My pup simply sleeps in vestibule that is why always I opt for tents with the vestibules. However, I can zip the "mesh-door" and this way I am able to keep close track of her/him, but she/he is not dragging additional dirt into tent.

Furthermore, I have buddies that are not comfortable camping until their canine is right beside them that are perfectly easy to understand. If so a dome type tent can be more significant.


With these plans, you should be capable of having a satisfying camping trip as well as be all set for any situations. Of course, you'll still need to pay attention to your pooch when camping to ensure that he/she does not get her/himself in problems, as the dog will be inquisitive to explore the new surroundings.

At the same time, check her/him for any small injuries (e.g., thorns, scratches), and look out for symptoms of dehydration, exhaustion or different health complications.

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