How To Arrange Easy Camping Meals For Groups (Large & Small)?

How To Arrange Easy Camping Meals For Groups (Large & Small)_
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A human being is a social animal. He enjoys spending time with other humans in a variety of ways. It is true we spend a lot of time with colleagues in the office, and we return home with the family. All this time spent is in a structured way. Many times, we yearn for happy time away from responsibilities in nature.

The outing is the answer!

This outing can be planned by
camping in the wilderness of nature, near the water bodies or else go hiking from the base camp, family reunion or youth conferences to state a few occasions.

Many friends and relatives will be delighted to join you, and it could be a big or small group for several days outing. Food, in this case, is a perplexing issue. All will have to share the responsibility of running the kitchen with easy to fix recipes. There may be some cooking experts in your group, or you may also take up prior coaching, so enough food is available. Planning for the kitchen buying and later cooking is the best approach.

Find the Camping & Cooking Ideas!

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Magazines are a good source for camping lunch ideas for large groups; you may also opt for an expert in the field or on the internet. After all, you will need to carry ingredients, frozen food, and semi-cooked food along with you in the right container. Selection is made wisely as food should not perish during carriage.

Easy camping meals for groups needs to be done very creatively as restricted facilities are available, surroundings are uncertain, weather is unreliable, and ingredients limited. When you distribute responsibilities, the number of people for components purchase and kitchen work later the assigned work should be in proportion to the group size. If the outing is for many days say a week then variety in food will be desired, as you feel hungrier in the open snacks will be in demand and a few may want the gourmet dish.

Camping recipes for large groups should be quick to prepare and not messy to eat. Book your site with care. Survey the facilities available for cooking like the electric points, oven, refrigerator plug-in point grill and so on. Faculties should match with the kind of recipes you are going use.

Preparing the Cooking Set-up!

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Electrical points solve many of your limitations, and you can diversify your menu within limited ingredients. The diet quantity of teenagers will be more than the elders. You will have to decide the list and budget accordingly. Add variety to food.  The food budget must be allotted keeping all these things in mind. The possible food allergy eatables must be kept away from the menu.

It is important no one falls sick far away from facilities. Do not be over excited and decide to cook everything at the site. It’s not practical. Bakery items like cookies brownies and oven prepared semi-cooked foods to suffice well and are easy to cook and serve. The satiety value of food also has to be kept in mind. 


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Easy camping meals for groups begin with breakfast. Eggs with a loaf of bread which you purchased in advance should suffice with bacon, precooked biscuits. Use a skillet with sunny side up to make a wide range of egg recipes. A campfire is a good option for cooking. Grill loaf slices with ease on a campfire. If there is no oven outside bonfire helps you tide over the difficulty.

Carry a portable oven if electric points are handy. All this you will have to find out before you reach the site. The skewer is a preferable menu item. This food is not difficult to make, and you can create varieties using meat and vegetables. Chicken meat is light to cook.

Grill the rack for cooking till it is Golden Brown; like this, you will not lose the flavour of the food. It does not require expertise and work can be assigned to many members. It is quick to make nobody will grumble in cooking it. Garnish it with pepper and lemon juice.

The Lunch!

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Camping lunch ideas for large groups as well as small groups have on top of the list burgers. It is filling and easy to prepare. The filling can be that of ground beef, meat, sausages, etc. and served. On an average 3-4 pounds of meat can create more than a dozen burgers. Low heat can cook them well and can be served hot. Garnish it with tomatoes, lettuce and sauce.

Easy camping meals for groups include rice as well. A pot of rice servings helps to restore energy levels and is easy to cook. Many vegetables can be added to it for more nutrition. You can cook rice on campfire and top of grill rack. Another easy cooking recipe is pre-made pasta. It is economical and not trying to make in bulk. It is variable as sauces and vegetables can be added to it. Pre-made pasta is best for camping.

Make pasta salad by adding vegetable cheese and different sauces. It can be part of dinner and need not be heated. Pasta additives include peanut sauce, and vegetables. Serve hot or cold. You can prepare Pasta in boiling water in a big pot. Remember to take a large pan with you.


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Among the canned foods chicken, noodle soup is famous. Warm the can in hot water and serve with bread. You can boil the water over the campfire by suspending. Another good option is fish. If you happen to camp near a river, then catch the fish for food. Clean the fish and take turns to grill it.

Use sauces and pepper spray to make it tastier. Grilled vegetables are acceptable as food and snack. Grill carrots, potatoes beans etc. till they become brown and soft, Sprinkle with salt and pepper and use hot. Roasted apples over a campfire are a favorite dessert. Core and slice the apple before cooking.  Sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon powder.  Wrap it up with the foil. Place it on coal and turn sides till it is soft. Serve hot with sauce.

Campfire chatting under the starlit sky and food bonds relationship.  It refreshes the mind and breaks the routine. Such breaks make you ready to face the habit again.

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