All About Group Camping And Food: Essential Information You Shouldn’t Miss!

All About Group Camping And Food_ Essential Information You Shouldn't Miss! (1)
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With the kind of fast-paced lives we lead today, we need to stop for a while and breathe life into our tuckered out body.
The best way to do that would be to go camping as being close to nature is a huge stress buster and has many physical health benefits as well. Just being close to the plants can be therapeutic. 
What could be better than following night trails and sitting around a campfire with your best friends? 
Preparation for camping requires planning the trip, calling for camping spot reservations and making arrangements for the food which would seem like a hassle but can be done by due planning and research.
Here we have provided a guide for group camping and cooking so that you are well prepared and equipped for camping.

1. Choose a Campsite

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The first and foremost thing you need to do is chose a campsite for your group by discussing with your friends the type of camping experience all of you want. There are many options such as:

Backcountry camping:

  • This dispersed camping in the vicinity of public land offers privacy and liberty but has its negative points like the absence of facilities such as the availability of restrooms and water.
    This shall be an awe-inspiring experience, especially if you are in a large group of family and friends. You must ensure that you have them on board for this kind of primaeval experience.

State and National Parks group sites:

  • State and national parks have many designates sites specifically for camping trip.
    These sites are well equipped with facilities like water, restrooms, large fire rings, etc. and are isolated from the main area which makes it the perfect destination for group campers. Ensure to make reservations well in advance.

Campground Group sites:

  • You can go the traditional way and find space for your group in the regular campground. In case, if you have a larger group, then you can reserve various such sites.

2. Gear up

According to the place and the period of your trip, pack all the essentials you will need such as a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, camping food, clothes etc.

If your group is planning to hike to the campsite, then keep in mind about the weight and bulk by packing the absolute essentials only as nobody wants to increase with a heavyweight bag on a mountain.

Also bring along charcoal, fire starters, wood, matches, and utensils etc. for campfires. Make sure to check that the site allows campfires or not.

3. Have a food plan

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Though this is one of the most important aspects of camping, it can go wrong if it is not organised correctly. Having a proper food plan is a must in case of group camping, and this plan should be made keeping the needs of everyone in mind.

Cooking at a campsite can be tiring and time-consuming as after a day of outdoor activities cooking can seem to be a tedious task. There are also some no-cook camping recipes available which are perfect for camping. Given below is super easy camping dinners for large groups which are easy to make:

For Camping Breakfast

  • Cereal with milk: bring cereal of your choice with milk, and you can add any number of fruits such as bananas, strawberries etc.
  • Breakfast salad: ask everyone to bring veggies, and you can have a breakfast salad full of vegetables such as greens, shredded carrots, corn, beans, salsa etc.

For Lunch

  • Sandwiches: you can have a more fulfilling meal by adding bread or banana bread to your veggies for lunch.  You can go for a basil and tomato sandwich by adding mozzarella on top. It is easy to put together can be made in no time.
  • Roll-ups: you can add hummus and cheese to your standard sandwich and upgrade it to a meal on the go

For Dinner

  • Skewers: They are regarded as one of the best camping meal ideas as they are very easy to make and everyone can use their ingredients.
    As everybody can bring their ingredients such as varieties of meat and veggies you can have a fun group cooking session where everybody can build their skewers.
  • Pre-made pasta: Pasta can be your perfect go-to dish for camping as most of the work can be done at home and you can make it in bulk. Pasta is versatile as you can make small different pasta dishes or one big pasta dish.
    You can make the pasta at home and bring a jar of sauce to heat it at the campsite. You can also go for spaghetti, pasta salad or Thai peanut noodles.
  • Roast beef wrap: This is one of the best cold dinner ideas for camping as it has high nutritional content and is very easy to make. Wrap roast beef with hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion, and sprouts.
    Add the veggies in a substantial amount to have a fulfilling dinner.

4. Have a backup plan

Keep extra tents and Medicare kit handy. As the weather can be unpredictable keeping an extra tent is crucial as even one tear in the tent can cause implications. Having a first aid kit is a must as camping often entails a lot of outdoor activities where people can get hurt.

It is also essential to have a person in your group who can adequately administer medical assistance or is first aid certifies. Having a backup of essentials is very important in case of a large group. 

5. Get rid of waste before you leave

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It is essential to go the campsite as the way you found it. Bring an ample amount of recycling, compost and trash bags to keep your space hygienic and clean. It is also necessary to adequately dispose of your scraps and dishwater.

Camping is the best way to get close to nature and leave the hustle and bustle of the city at bay. You can have an excellent experience and have a lot of memories with your loved ones. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you can have a great trip, which you will cherish forever.

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