10 Fantastic Camping Meal Ideas For A Large Crowd!

10 Fantastic Camping Meal Ideas For A Large Crowd!
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One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well if one has not dined well!

Food is the most important thing that you should think off while planning for camping. You should be very cautious while setting the menu for camping food. This task becomes more difficult if the crowd that is accompanying you is enormous. You should take up food that is nutritious as well as easy to be made. Also, you should try to take up the food that everyone loves eating.

To ease your work I have brought a list of top 10 great ideas that you can think off for taking with you. These are very simple as well as tasty. Everyone will love eating them, and as they make very less time to prepare, you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Top 10 Camping Meals for Large Crowd!

Here is the rundown of delicious ten camping meals for a crowd:


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It is quick and straightforward food that you can make during camping. For a large number of people, you have to need a large amount of meat, thick buns, tomatoes as well as lettuce. In this, you have to roll up some beef on bread and cover it with a flat crispy patty.

You can add up the things that you like and are available easily with you. Addition of pickle will give a tangy taste to the food. Toss the burger on the grill and give your tummy a delicious meal.


If you want something light, you can think of preparing sandwiches. The sandwiches is not only for lunch, you can also have a breakfast sandwich as a camping breakfast if you like. This dish can be eaten at any point in time and will remain light restricting you to feel uneasy. For this, you’ll need cheese eggs, biscuits, bacon.

For cooking eggs, toss them in a skillet and flip it on a campfire. Similarly, you can deliver the bacon also. Cookies can be cooked at home and can be brought up in a cooler.

Assemble all the things in a biscuit and enjoy the mouthwatering food instantly. All the age group people like this dish.


The most famous recipe for camping purpose is pasta. This is because it is effortless to prepare and can be made in bulk without much effort. This will also fill your stomach and will remain light to continue camping.

The best part to make pasta is that you can prepare it at home only and just one or two steps will be left to develop at the spot. This is a versatile side dish that everyone loves to eat at any point in time. Also by adding veggies, you can make it extremely nutritious.

French Fries

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If you want to have, some oily food French fries comes out to be a good option for you. All you need is some fresh potatoes and cooking oil. This dish is best if there are no ingredients available.

To prepare it, peel off the potatoes and slice them. Heat the oil and place them the potatoes in warm oil. Stir them frequently till the time they turn to golden brown. Take them out and sprinkle some seasoning and your dish is ready to eat.

Banana Bread

It is one of the most talented snacks that you can eat at any point in time. This snack is a great choice and super easy to make. You will feel refreshed every-time after having it.

Balls Full of Energy

You should maintain the nutrition level in your body. For this, the energy balls are the best option for you. They don’t require any baking and have to be rolled up for eating. They taste delicious and are super easy to prepare. For delicious camping purpose, these balls come out to be the best dish.

Salad of Pasta

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If you don’t want to bake food, I have a good option for you. Pasta salad is a dish that is very quick and easy to prepare, and as it has a lot of veggies, it comes out to be healthy. You can boil pasta at home and store them during traveling.

On the spot, you have to toss the pasta with a lot of veggies and cheese to make it yummy. It doesn’t need to be baked or cooked.

Peanut Noodle

Noodles are everyone’s favorite dish and if can be prepared in a short period, comes out to be excellent. Prepare the noodles at home and mix the peanut sauce and cheese on the spot. For garnishing, you can bring green onions to make it extra finger licking. You can serve them hot or cold as the case may be. They both taste good and prove to be one of the best camping meals idea for the crowd.

Grilled Veggies

Instead of eating raw veggies you can fire up the grill and mix up all of them especially carrot. You should allow them to turn brown and mix it up with peppers, squash, and fresh beans.


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We are all know rice is a quick make recipe and stomach filling too. It proves to be a good source of power back up to regain your energy after long camping trip. You can put the pot full of rice on a grill pan and can add up coal is required to continue boiling water. This is the best camping recipes for crowd till date.

Camping can turn out to be a lot more fun and adventurous if you don’t have to worry about feeding a large number of people. Camping is an outdoor activity that takes you close to nature. You can end up spending many days and night out of your house. It is safe and better to earn enough good food to make your recreational activity memorable.

Try out some of the above recipes that can be prepared with less cooking facilities and also quickly. Hope this article has helped you something in this case. Do you have any other recipes in your mind that you have tried during your outdoor excursion? Then, please share the camping recipes for a crowd. Good food is good mood!

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