How To Fold A Tent – The Proper Way You Need To Know

How to Fold a Tent The Proper Way You Need to Know
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If there's one thing one needs to learn while camping, it would have to be how to fold a tent. This is a crucial skill one must learn because, without the proper knowledge of tents, you won't be able to build your temporary shelter correctly!

So if you're a beginner and confused with what to do with a tent and how to properly fix it, then read on as I show you the right ways on how to fold a tent and what you should do to keep it last for a long time.

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How to Fold a Tent

There is a difference between assembling a tent and folding one up. The latter would entail you to properly disassemble and fold it in ways that it returns to the state it was before you took it out of the setup.

But what people have a problem with is how to efficiently fold it without feeling frustrated from putting it back to its packaging quickly.

So to help you out, here are the steps you need to follow on how to fold a tent. You won't need to prepare anything but energy and your tent's packaging.

1. Clean The Tent

Before you fold the tent, you'll need to make sure that it's clean and free from any form of dust or debris. Remove any items found inside your tent, as it will make it harder to fold it properly.

Use a rag to wipe away any food crumbs or different articles that would let any mold growing inside it. Once you have completed cleaning the insides of your tent, be sure to dry the outer part as well.

If you wiped it using a damp cloth or if the tent came through any wet weather, then it's best to air dry it before folding.

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Do NOT fold a damp or wet tent, as this would invite mildew or molds. So before anything else, be sure to ensure that your tent is clean and dry before you start with the following steps.

How to Fold a Tent The Proper Way You Need to Know 2

2. Removing The Stakes

When the tent is clean and dry, it's time to remove the stakes and pins that were holding the tent to the ground. Your tent would usually come with a bag and small pack where you can store all these pins and stakes. Pull away the stakes and pins from the ground, bundling all of them up with rope or twine.

Store the stakes inside the small bag. Do NOT put it inside the same bag as the tent, as these are sharp and may puncture the tent, causing holes.

3. Removing The Poles

Once the stakes have been taken out, remove the poles that were tied to both the tent and stakes. Pull the poles out from the loops of your tent, folding it according to the way they were formed. Or if your poles are removable, remove those sections and store it inside the bag made for the poles.

4. Shaking The Tent

Once your tent is disassembled, shake it well to remove any other particles or debris that may be hanging on it.

5. Flatten Tent

Flatten the tent and put it on the ground, ensuring that it's all dry. If not, use a dry rag to wipe away any moisture and air dry it for half an hour.

6. Folding The Tent

Fold the tent by lifting the outsides of your tent to the middle. Make sure that all the folds are in a straight line and fold it lengthwise. The door should always stay on top. Once you've folded the tent, pat it down to release any air.

7. Storing The Tent

Once you have released the trapped air, roll the tent and tie it up with rope or twine, putting it inside the bag. And you're done!

Tips On Tent Maintenance

Now that you know how to fold a tent, how will you be able to prolong its lifespan and keep it from mildew or other substances that can damage your tent in the long run? Here are some tips you can follow:

How to Fold a Tent The Proper Way You Need to Know 3

- Always make sure that you camp in areas where it's free from wet ground or sharp substances that can create a hole in your tent. Camping on wet ground isn't only damaging for your tent, but it will also end up with you feeling uncomfortable lying down in cold and moist areas.

- Once you get home from your camping trip, remove your tent from its packaging and let it dry, especially if you folded it in a hurry and had no time to air dry it. It's also best to let it out under the sun and wash it if it has dirt or bacteria around it. Repack it if needed to store and save space correctly.

- If you find damage on your tent, then make sure to repair it as soon as possible to avoid wasting time and money getting a new tent. You can sew or tape it with various products made for tent repairs.

- For those who just bought the tent, then I recommend you to practice assembling and folding it up, so you waste no time trying to figure it out when you're already on the road. While instructions are included with the tent, some are confusing and will require more time and effort to understand.


I hope that this article shows you how to fold a tent properly. Now that you know what to do to reassemble your tent back to how it was before, you'll have an easier time camping, using up the saved time enjoying with your peers. So what are you waiting for? Practice how to fold a tent today and enjoy your next camping trip.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips on how to fold a tent, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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