How To Get Rid Of Sweat Bees: The Effective Ways To Keep It Out!

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If there's one thing you have to watch out for when camping, it would have to be the insects you'll meet along the way! Unfortunately, there are a ton of insects that get attracted from specific things while you are in the campsite.

Mainly, they get drawn with humidity or even your sweat! A known type of bug that goes around campsites (or even in swimming pools) would be sweat bees.

And though you can find them in large numbers, you can find an efficient sweat bee repellent to get rid of them for good!

If you're wondering how to do that, then read on as I show you all about the sweat bees and how to keep them away from your while camping!

About Sweat Bees 

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Sweat bees are almost anywhere, and not just while you camp. Why? Just like what the name suggests, these types of bees have an intense craving for human sweat, mainly because of the salt inside it.

Similar to athletes and protein, these sweat bees need sweat to stay energized and alive. Some of them might even crawl under your hair or clothes when sensing sweat!

The real name for sweat bees is halictid bees, the second most common of bees. They aren't the usual yellow bees, but they have a dull to metallic color, may it be green, blue, black, or even purple!

These bees have sharp tongues and long hind legs, with their bodies measuring between five to ten millimeters. 

Sweat bees are usually found in humid climate conditions, earthen burrows, and sunny, dry areas, or sometimes in softwood, either of which is usually in a campsite!

And because they are attracted to water, they are also located near bodies of water or wherever people are nearby (and sweating).

How to Get Rid of Sweat Bees 

Yes, the sweat bees sting. Fortunately, they aren't dangerous and not very painful, though it can cause an allergic reaction. Either way, you wouldn't want it to sting you!

Now that you know what sweat bees are, how will you get rid of them? Here are some ways on how you can do so!

A Mint Rub

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This is a quick an easy way to deter bees from getting attracted to the skin. It is also humane and safe for both you and the bees (after all, they are beneficial!).

Essential oils such as peppermint work best to repel bees. Plus, it's very easy to do!

What You Need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Two drops of peppermint extract


  1. Fill your spray bottle halfway with the water.
  2. Add the peppermint extract in the spray bottle.
  3. Shake or mix well, then spray it all over you and your loved ones. Rub it on you.

Using Commercial Repellents

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If you have no time to make your mint rub, then purchasing bee repellents from your local store works best as well. 

I used the product below 🙂

BASF - 597802 - PT Wasp-Freeze II - Wasp and Hornet Insecticide, 17.5oz
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Last update on 2023-03-15 at 20:08 PST - Details

I recommend that you get one made out of the natural ingredients (essential oils!) and is certified DEET-free, so it is safe for both you and your children.

Make sure that just like the mint rub, you apply it all over yourself and loved ones before your head on to the campsite.

Preparing Yourself Against Sweat Bees

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The best way to get rid of the bees is to keep them away from you and prevent them from getting near the campsite! That means you should create an environment that keeps bees away and plan.

Remember that bees would burrow in the ground, preferring dry and thin soil. What you can do is to identify where the bees usually nest in when in the campsite, then add layers of mulch or soil on the holes and ground where nesting would usually happen. 

That way, the soil will become thicker and hard to enter, with the bee finding another area to nest. 

Exterminating The Bees

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If the bee population is too much when in the campsite, then be prepared with the proper materials for exterminating the bees. It controls the bee population around the area and is easy to do.
What You Need:

  • Protective gear (heavy pants, long-sleeved top, goggles, hat, and gloves)
  • Sevin dust or diazinon


  1. Observe the bees during the day, taking note of where the nest entrances. They are usually found underground, in shrubs, or tree cavities. Mark each nest with sticks or small flags.
  2. After the sun sets, ready your protective gear and Sevin dust. Go to each nest, sprinkling a lot of the dust or diazinon. Adult bees will enter their nesting site with the toxin, which is what will exterminate them.
  3. Monitor the nests after a few hours to see if it has worked. You may need to add more of the dust or diazinon if the bees are still active.

But as much as possible, let's not try to exterminate the bees unless thousands are swarming in the campsite! To keep yourselves away from the bees, choose a campsite that isn't near water, too many flowers, or dry soil.

Opt to set up camp during not-so-humid weather. And of course, wear repellent and avoid leaving your sweat out in the open to attract these bees!


I know how irritating it is to deal with sweat bees!

Fortunately, there are ways on how you can prevent them from biting or stinging you, or even hanging around you when in the campsite.

As long as you have the effective sweat bee repellant to keep your arms and legs protected, there's no need to worry about bugs and ruining your day when camping.

I hope that this article on sweat bees helped you become more knowledgeable about what to do to keep your camping trip bug-free and safe. So don't wait any longer and make your sweat bee repellent for a hassle-free camping trip today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences with handling sweat bees, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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