Stay Healthy During The Summer And Learn How To Stay Cool In A Tent!

Stay Healthy During The Summer And Learn How To Stay Cool In A Tent -feature
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During my first few camping trips, I was astounded as to how everything worked. I had to learn a lot of things, from the proper way to set up a campfire, down to the little details like how to stay cool in a tent.

It was tough trying to figure it out at first since it was always hot and no matter what I did, the summer nights left me sweating. Fortunately, experiences and great pieces of advice helped me become more knowledgeable about what to do, and I ended up mastering it.

I'm sure you're having a difficult time during the hot summer nights while camping as well, so I share you my ways on how to stay cool in a tent properly!

How To Stay Cool In A Tent

Hot summer nights can lead to sweaty bodies and uncomfortable sleep. Not only is it irritating, but it can also be unhealthy! That's why it's important to utilize these tips on how to stay cool in a tent:

1. Finding The Right Spot

You won't stay cool in a tent if you set it up under the heat of the sun! Look for the best camping spot in the sure where it has shade from the trees, stretching a canvas between high stakes above where you'll be camping on. This helps add more shade from the sun.

Stay Healthy During The Summer And Learn How To Stay Cool In A Tent 1

I also suggest setting up the tent once it's late morning or afternoon when the sun isn't particularly blaring and heating up the ground. If the ground is still hot, then set up the tent after adding a tarp or survival blanket underneath.

You can search for campsites with a lot of shade or places less susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun. Another tip is to time your camping trip during summer day where it isn't too hot, but the sun shines bright, and there are fewer chances of rain.

Camping near a water source is ideal for a cooler time, though you will need to be careful about mosquitoes. Do NOT set up your tent near where the campfire would be.

2. Setting Up The Tent

Once you have set up the tent correctly (use one made out of mesh material), make sure to let the wind flow inside it by opening the windows and the screens on top of the tent. This helps build air circulation, preventing the buildup of heat in the tent.

Stay Healthy During The Summer And Learn How To Stay Cool In A Tent 2

Don't bother using a tent fly, which you would add directly on top of your tent. Not only will it block your view of the sky, but the mesh ends up lessening any air circulation in your tent!

3. Using Fans And Air Conditioners

Beginner campers may be surprised to see that there are fans meant for camping. I recommend you to get a 12-volt fan that will help with air circulation and cool the air from hot summer nights. They may require batteries, or you can plug it in from an extension cord with the electricity the campsite has to offer.

Stay Healthy During The Summer And Learn How To Stay Cool In A Tent 3

When using a fan and you want it even cooler, try putting ice on a dish and placing it in front of a fan, which will allow the air to turn cold.

A portable air conditioner works as well. Plug it into a tent using 120-volt electric-equipped camp sites. Be sure to use a heavy-duty extension cord and set it up from one of the tent windows, covering tent material around the sides to avoid any air from coming out.

4. Staying Cool Yourself

Stay Healthy During The Summer And Learn How To Stay Cool In A Tent 4

When staying inside the tent during hot days, wear thinner clothes and don't bother using a thick sleeping bag if you expect it to be hotter throughout the night. Go for breathable clothes made of mesh material and have a thinner blanket with you to avoid mosquitoes. You can also use insect repellant if you're worried about that.

More Tips On Temporarily Living In A Tent

Of course, there is more to staying in a tent than trying to keep your body temperature balanced! Here are more tips on how you can stay safe and protected while in your tent:

- Always make sure that your tent is free from any edible or dangerous items, such as food or fire. Not only would it be more susceptible to small animals visiting and tearing your tent, but the fire can burn it as well.

- It isn't just about keeping your tent cool, but yourself as well. Don't entirely depend on these methods to ensure a cold night. Keep yourself hydrated with cold water and spritz yourself with fresh water now and then when it gets too hot.

Even swimming in the local camp lake will help you cool down after a day of trekking and setting up camp.

- If the weather gets too hot to go out, then I suggest that you stay at home and postpone the trip rather than go out and brave the heat. It might be code to impossible to keep your tent cool if ever.

- To keep your tent safe and free from damage, be sure to set it up and pack it away dry and neatly after following these methods on keeping your tent cool.


When it comes to camping, your comfort and safety are the two biggest priorities you need to take care of. And with temperatures increasing during the summer, it's time to start finding ways on how to stay cool while camping, especially when you're inside the tent!

Fortunately, with straightforward and easy methods, you'll be able to do just that.

I hope that this article helped you know more about what you can do on how to stay cool in a tent! Now that you know the methods you can follow, why not try them out during your next camping getaways?

If you enjoyed the article or would like to share your tips on how to stay cool in a tent, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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