Top Tips And Tricks For Camping On The Beach

Top Tips And Tricks For Camping On The Beach

Beach and camping can together be a fun job, especially if you are brave, bold and adventurous. Yes, indeed, beach camping can be an amusing thing to do.

Therefore, when you have a short weekend in your hand, and you’re adventurous enough to take a ride on the beach waves, our suggestion is that you should never miss this exclusive fun of beach camping. But, the question arises here, what exactly is beach camping?

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Beach Camping – The Concept!

Camping usually is a different thing to do while you’re roaming amidst forests and high mountains. But beach camping is a whole lot different thing to do. But much to your surprise, beach camping can be quite similar if you follow the general camping tips and tricks to make your “beach camping” a successful trip.

Beach Camping Tips and Tricks

A lot can be said for having the chance to unzip your tent to the view of nothing but an ocean or a lake. Being able to stride through rolling waves as you look back and see your tent is but a few hundred feet away is comforting. Camping on a beach can be a struggle if you are not accustomed to some of the nuances.

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1. General tips for general beach camping 

  • You have a unique set of circumstances that may arise when you are camping on a beach or near water. The sun, wind, and rain will influence your experience most of all.
  • If you are at a campground, then it will be easier than just dropping a tent on a beach. There will be all sorts of amenities most likely, and your campsite will be designed for beach camping.
  • Keep in mind that weather can play the cupid and it can also spoil your camping fun too.
  • Keep all the essentials in your carry bag that you will carry along with you on the beach. This should also include the medicines that you’re allergic to and other necessities.
  • This is an exciting venture that will ease you out with that stress. Beach camping acts as a stress buster.
  • There are experts and guides available who will ask you to disconnect yourself from the outer world.
  • There will be all sorts of amenities most likely, and your campsite will be designed for beach camping.
  • First things first, you must now decide where to go beach camping for? A beach is a favorite place in the summer so you can consider camping in the offseason to avoid the crowds.
  • Summers are calling, and this is the right time for you and your family to hit the beach with that beach hat and a sarong and those tents and canopies. Yes, it is your beach camping time with your friends and family.
    Beach camping is the ultimate summer getaway, and the fun you have with your friends, those high and low tides on the beach that you witness, crisp and fresh breeze, lows ties washing away the sand from your feet is not all that you probably are looking for. All this and more surely offer a sense of complete and utter freedom in an always moving environment.
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2. Decide your place for primitive beach camping 

  • You must decide whether you would like to the beach camp at a facility designed for it or go primitive camping.
  • There are state and national park campgrounds as well as private campgrounds that are located near a beach.
  • In most cases, you will have electricity, water, bathrooms, and showers, including ones at the beach itself which is always helpful. There are likely to be other amenities too that you mustn’t have thought of at these types of beach campgrounds.
  • The other option and the one that will most likely land you right on the beach is primitive beach camping. Primitive camping typically is for the more experienced and if you’re are a novice, this type of camping is not meant for you. You need a good start at least once.
  • It is possible you will need a four-wheel drive vehicle to access your destination, or you may even have to backpack your way in.
  • If you visit a beautiful and "strong" beach, you can try surfing with your friends. It's a good activity for relaxing and for your health
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3. Beach Campfire 

  • Beach campfire is another camping fun. You should also ensure that the beach where you’re heading for your camping, must allow/permit beach campfire. This is great fun.
  • Stocking up some beach campfire with your friends and that light breeze and the bright starry sky is an excellent view.

4. The weather

  • If you are camping in a location with brushes, then you should be extremely cautious regarding campfire safety as it can be a fire hazard in dry conditions.
Top Tips And Tricks For Camping On The Beach 5

5. The sun 

  • No matter where you go or where you stand, the sun will find you out. Be ready to get yourself completely soaked in the sun. The suntan post-beach camping remains for weeks.
    Get beach prepared to avoid the tan. (You cannot wholly escape from being tanned, but you can surely use lotions that will reduce sun tan to some extent.)
  • The sun reflects off the water and can increase the effects of sunburn drastically.
  • Find a shady area for your campsite.
  • Bring a beach umbrella.
  • Store your food out of the sun if possible.
  • A camp stove will be of much use if it is windy.

6. Beach bugs

  • Beach bugs are everywhere. They can find their way even through the sand in which you’re soaking.
  • Screened shelters and insect repellents are the things that you need to carry while you’re out on a beach camping spree. You will not even get to know that when you had that big bug bite.

Winds and of course the rains are also a part of your beach camping zone. Carry a huge and a sturdy beach tent and an umbrella to beat all the natural hazards. Be prepared for the dust storms and those summer beach storms. They are as bad and can pop up anytime while you’re having fun.

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