Top Tech To Improve Your Camping Experience

One of the best things about camping is just getting away from it all, even if only for a weekend. Our daily lives are dictated by the tech that keeps us engaged with endless notifications and reminders of what we still need to do to stay on track. Because of this, we tend not to want to include too much tech in our camping experience, which is mostly for the best.

However, there are a couple of conveniences that are made possible by improvements in rechargeable lithium batteries and other handy devices. This category of tech and gadgets geared towards comfort, not connection. In our list of top tech to improve your camping experience, we take a look at some of the best devices to complement any getaway. If you are planning your next invigorating outdoor adventure, perhaps you find something in this list that will add to your convenience without shadowing your nature experience.

Smart Water Bottle

It may not be the most awe-inspiring bit of smart tech, but that is what makes for excellent camping gear after all. A smart water bottle primarily functions to remind you to drink enough water. It’s pretty important to stay hydrated when you are more active. The intelligent water bottle syncs up with an app on your smartphone and reminds you to drink enough water. It is that simple.

This innovative tech is also simple enough to use every day and not just when exploring the great outdoors. While smart water bottles are simply fantastic, you can also consider inexpensive water filter devices that are compact enough to carry in your pocket. Some such water filter devices can be used as a straw to drink directly from a water source; purifying the water as you drink. Regardless of your choice of water cleaning devices, you must have one when exploring the great outdoors.

Top Tech To Improve Your Camping Experience

Smart Backpack

Smart backpacks are a product category that ranges from incredibly useful to utterly stupid. There are no standardised features that constitute a smart backpack, but the type that we find helpful for camping share some standard features.

Lighting is one feature that is perfect for a sunset hike, built-in power banks for charging emergencies and a GPS tracker, also in case of an emergency. Before purchasing a smart backpack, it is best to evaluate all the available options to find one that accommodates your needs. It won’t be all that impressive to spend extra on a backpack that is loaded with useless functions.

UV Sensor

A super simple must-have gadget when camping, the smart UV sensor is a small, unobtrusive device that you can clip to your backpack or place near you to monitor your UV exposure. It is incredibly simple to use, and when combined with the companion smartphone app, it gives pinpoint readings and notifies you about dangerous exposure levels.

Fire Fueled Smartphone Charger

Ok so a quick disclaimer, this is the one product on this list we have not personally used, but what an exciting idea. You can get a smartphone charger on Amazon that reportedly converts thermal energy into a current that can be used to charge your smartphone.

We have some doubts about the capacity, but it is still an impressive idea. It would be wise also to consider packing in a portable battery charger, such as a power bank that you have precharged before leaving for your trip. Even though it’s probable that you don’t intend on using your smartphone all that much while away, it is quite essential to remain in contact with the world for quite a few reasons.

Top Tech To Improve Your Camping Experience

Smart Panic Button

These days saying something is smart is like saying they are made from baryonic matter (ordinary matter). Still, in the case of the smart panic button, it’s smart functionality is not only useful but potentially life-saving. A small keyring attachment with a single button that, when pressed, sends out alerts to your choice of phone contacts that you need help.

This type of device is not specifically designed for camping, although it can be beneficial, especially if you are camping alone or hiking solo. The fact that a smart panic button is a tiny device means that it won’t take up much space, and it could be an item that may save your life depending on the circumstances.

UHF Communication Device 

For your safety, you do need some way of communicating with the outside world, even when cell reception is spotty or non-existent. It is equally valid that a smartphone is a massive distraction from enjoying the experience of the outdoors. Whatever the reason, a UHF comms device keeps you connected in case of emergencies, without the risk of a work email ruining your day. This device should be considered an essential item for nature lovers, especially if you will be exploring large outdoor reserves and opting for rewarding hiking activities.

Aspects Of Great Outdoor Tech

Top Tech To Improve Your Camping Experience

When searching for suitable outdoor tech, you should consider certain aspects that you would not apply to your everyday tech purchases. Such elements include how lightweight the item is and how convenient it will be to carry out with you. We all know camping is best when packing has been carefully considered.

Therefore, you should avoid sizeable bulky tech items as they will not enhance your comfort during your trip. Your camping tech should be aimed at improving tedious or strenuous tasks while camping rather than transforming your experience into a more modern glamping experience.

Finding tech may seem challenging, although, it is always best to stick with necessary tech items rather than investing in fancy things with a thousand functions you may never use. Tech such as portable phone charging units and handy portable water cleaners are perfect examples of tech items that won’t strip your camping trip of the natural experience.

Other great things to look for include small mobile heating devices and tech that will make cooking meals a lot simpler and more practical outdoors. Camping tech should be lightweight and straightforward while focusing on functionality.

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