The Awesome Benefits Of Owning A Fleetwood Evolution Pop-Up Camper

The Awesome Benefits of Owning a Fleetwood Evolution Pop-Up Camper - feature
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The Awesome Benefits Having Your Own Fleetwood Evolution Pop-Up Camper!

Camping provides you with a wide range of products and opportunities. You keep learning something or the other with each expedition. A ride through nature, a few days of peaceful stay in a calm serene atmosphere, tends to do a world of good to our body and soul.

Having said, camping is not merely living in a campsite, inside a tent, swatting flies. It is more to that, than just that. You need an accommodation, which enables you to cook food inside, sleep peacefully, and comes with a decent toilet system. With the help of evolution series pop up campers, you need not setup a tent with the worry of wild animals attacking you in the middle of the night.

The Fleetwood evolution pop up campers is one of the best pop up camper you can get in the market today. In this blog, we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of owning Fleetwood evolution pop up campers.

Benefits of Owning a Fleetwood Evolution Pop-Up Camper

We will discuss the following below briefly:

1. Easy to navigate 

It is easy to navigate. Since it is lightweight can be easily fixed to the back of your RV or camper van, you can take it along with you. You can easily navigate around the campsite or on road with the pop up camper. However, when driving on the highway, you might want to maintain a safe speed.

Over-speeding can cause it to turn over. Similarly, when it is windy or raining heavily, you might want to pull over to the side of the road and wait for clear weather.

If you are feeling a bit tired due to lack of sleep at the campsite, then you are encourage to pull over and take a nap. A better option would be to have a driving partner who can take over, when you are feeling drowsy. Hence, it is wise to have somebody who is a licensed driver.

It could be your partner, your friend or colleague. The need to feel afraid or insecure when traveling or driving on the highway or rural roads need not be there.

The Awesome Benefits of Owning a Fleetwood Evolution Pop-Up Camper 2

2. Good storage capacity

The evolutions series pop up campers are smaller when compared to traditional trailers. However, it offers you with good storage capacity. You can place several items inside the pop up camper, without hassle. 

For example, you can place your bed, your food supplies, your camping gear, and just about anything inside with ease whether you are a large or small size. Some campers might feel that the space may not suffice.

However, several users have clearly pointed out that the spacing in the Fleetwood evolution campers is one of the best around. Not to mention, it gives you the ability to store them in a safe place.

You can place them inside your garage or back yard when not in use. The need to ponder and scratch your head over the storage space is not there. You can place it, just about anywhere. The need to allocate lot of space in your home or apartment is not there.

3. You can upgrade from tents 

The pop camper gives you the ability to upgrade from tents. The experience you get from the camper is similar to that of what you get from tents. Though tents are a good choice, during extreme weather conditions like rain and storm, the camper might be suitable.

A tent may not with stand the pressure of the water and wind. Seasoned campers have benefited immensely from this advantage of the pop up camper. Apart from that, like we read in the first pointer, it gives you immense space on the inside.

That includes security from animals of all forms. You will be glad to know that partitions are available in the bathroom too for privacy. It cannot get better than that. For small families and friends, it is an ideal option.

The need to feel embarrassed in any way is not a problem when using the bathroom or changing clothes. This is because you have partitions available, as and when required. However, it can be slightly annoying when setting up.

We will come up to that little later in this blog. However, once it is set, you are ready to go. Another thing to note is that, the camping grounds should give permission to use pop up campers. Not to mention, you need to check the level of the ground on which you plan to set them up.

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4. It is easy to tow 

The Awesome Benefits of Owning a Fleetwood Evolution Pop-Up Camper 3

Since it is small, it is quite easy to tow. When you compare that with a trailer, then the camper is a lot easier to handle and carry along. The need to take several tents, which can add up space and weight, is not there too.

You will need to have a pickup truck, SUV, or even a decent sedan to do the job. As you read above, it is easy to drive along with a lightweight object around the back of your vehicle. However, if you were planning to go on a long trip, then a pickup truck or SUV would be ideal.

If you are a seasoned driver, then it is fine. However, if you are not used to long journeys in your sedan and camping for the first time, then take along another driver as a substitute. It is not going to make a huge difference on the gas allocated and driving will be a breeze.

The driver can ride along without obstructions because it is smaller than the vehicle. The view to the side and rear is perfectly good. The need to have an extended rearview mirror is not there.

5. It is simple to clean and maintain

Having a smaller sized pop up camper comes with several benefits like the ones we read above. Similarly, it is maintained. When you have a small sized pop up camper, cleaning it does not become a big hassle.

You can do it yourself or take the help of your kids as a weekend activity. It is not the same as cleaning a large pickup truck or a trailer that can occupy all your time. A gentle vacuum first along with dry cleaning is a good start.

Then you can move on to using water and cleaning solution on the outside.

It can get little messy if you have small kids spilling food or other stuff around inside the pop up camper. Not to mention, it does come with several parts or components that do not break easily. ​

However, you will need to ensure that you purchase a quality product like the Fleetwood evolution pop up campers. These do not break down or have parts broken that easily. Hence, you might want to consider getting one, if you still do not have a pop up camper.

Some Points to Consider!

Though the pop up camper comes with several benefits, it also comes with few disadvantages also, which we will discuss briefly.

1. How to set up a pop up camper?

The Awesome Benefits of Owning a Fleetwood Evolution Pop-Up Camper 4

When new to camping, you will want to ensure that you first learn how to set up one and then try it real time. The thing is, though it is simple to set up, like a tent, it can be a complicated process for first-timers.

You will need to prepare the bed and raise the roof, which is physically tedious. You might need the help of one or two adults when setting up the pop up camper. The best way to avoid all that would be to view a YouTube tutorial video on the setup and then try it out few times in your back yard, and then go camping.

You do not want to miss family time and fun once you reach the campsite. Similarly, assembling it back is also a tedious affair, which is why you may want to practice doing it few times.

It took me a while before I got the hang of it. However, once you learn the process, you can make use of some short cuts and tricks, which can get the job done easier and quicker. You can also take the help of fellow campers in the campground. Perhaps, you may learn a thing or two from them.

2. Chances of breakage are high

A tent is always at the risk of wear and tear. It could be nature or wild animals doing the damage. However, you can always get it stitched or repaired. The same cannot be said about the pop up camper.

Though its parts and components do not come off that easily, it is hard to repair it. During assembling, few parts can break when not handled properly. If your camper is few year old, then parts or components can break when setting it up or assembling it.

You will find it difficult to get it repaired when compared to a tent or trailer. Hence, you are requested to use the pop up camper carefully. Those of you, who specialize in minor repairs, can do it yourself.

As long as you set up and assemble the pop up camper carefully, the chances of it not being damaged are very less. Just make sure to learn the process of installing it and assembling it back carefully.

3. Who is using it?

The Awesome Benefits of Owning a Fleetwood Evolution Pop-Up Camper 5

As you read above, pop up campers are the ideal option for a small young family. If you are a young family with few members, then it is the best option you have. However, when you compare them to trailers, they come with more space and amenities.

When you have elderly or physically disabled people, with you, then it is best to opt for a trailer. They are bigger and come with more facilities, when compared to a pop up camper. Traveling long periods too can be strenuous and tedious for some people.

They can be extremely choosy about where they stay in the campground and what kind of accommodation they want. These factors have to be taken into consideration before you decide on purchasing a pop up camper.

Whether you are new to camping or a seasoned camper, the Fleetwood evolution pop up campers can make a world of difference. It is always nice to travel in new ways and make use of new equipment, which are produced to make our lives easier.

Hence, the post is based on the observations after trying it out a few times for camping. A pop up camper can make a world of difference when used for camping on the road. It is highly recommended you invest in quality evolution series pop up camper.

As you read above, it comes with several benefits, giving you a camper, a good camping experience and new dimension of camping. As it comes with so many options, you will want to consider the kind of pop up camper, you want for your family.

After reading this blog on the advantages and disadvantages, hope you have learned a thing or two about the pop up camper and will choose one accordingly. It is hard to deny, that the equipment offer you with an amazing experience.

So, hurry up, select the right kind of Fleetwood evolution pop up camper, and enjoy the happy moments that come with it.

As a fellow camper, that is the best advice we can share with others, based on my experience with the pop up camper. If you have any doubts or queries regarding the pop up camper, then please do not hesitate to ask us. Please feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you about your camping experience using the pop up camper.

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