5 Things You Should Prepare When Camping With Mom (2023)

5 Things You Should Prepare When Camping With Mom (2018)
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​You've heard of parents asking for tips on how to camp with their kids, but how about camping with mom? Camping with someone older than you may require a bit of a different approach, considering that you're camping with someone older and with different needs!

Camping with my mom was a bit difficult until we found common ground and fun things to do together that do not stress the both of us out. And I'm sure some of you have the similar dilemma right now.

So if you'll be going camping with your mom, then I share to you some tips my mom and I learned along the way and how to have fun with your parents when outdoors!

What To Prepare When Camping With your Mom

Planning on going camping with your loved one? Then you will need to make sure that you make the proper preparations to ensure a good time! Here are some tips to follow and plan out:

Are You Going RV Camping?

The Awesome Ways to Prepare When Camping With Mom 1

Most of the older generation would prefer RV camping, as it is more comfortable and less of a hassle compared to tent camping

But before doing so, make sure that you have an RV that works smoothly. If you own one, have it checked if there is any need for any repairs or maintenance. For those who don't own an RV, you can have one rented. Just make sure that you choose one that is in excellent condition and from a company with good reputations. 

You may also want to consider the drive, as it is challenging handling an RV and the road trip can be long. Make sure that if you go RV camping, you are prepared with sleep, energy, and pit stops at strategic times and locations on the way to the campsite.

Choose a campsite that allows RV camping and with the complete water and electricity source to stay comfortable.

Are You Going Tent Camping?

The Awesome Ways to Prepare When Camping With Mom 2

If you plan on going tent camping, then that's awesome! But remember that you need to consider the campsite and the dates.

When choosing a campsite, make sure that you choose one that has a quality campground, meaning the grounds are soft and that there is no problem with facilities. As much as possible, it should have restrooms and water and electricity sources to accommodate your older parent.

The date is important to consider as well. You would want it to be when the weather is good (no rain and not too hot), while not being too crowded. Look at the times right before and after peak season.

Prepare a sturdy tent that can accommodate both you and your mom. It shouldn't only be strong and withstand weather conditions or bugs, but also easy to set up and with the breathable materials! 

Consider having an air mattress for your mom to have a more comfortable bedding, making it easier to sleep in.

Preparing Your Camping Essentials

The Awesome Ways to Prepare When Camping With Mom 3

Now, it's time to prepare all the essentials you and your mom will need!

While you should pack with all the necessary items for camping such as clothes, toiletries, and water for the trail, but your mom may have other things she may need, and you will have to take note of it and always bring extra.

When packing clothes, consider the weather and bring an extra set of clothing for cold weather, as your mom may feel cold during the night in the tent.

Bring her medication and pack it in waterproof bags, as well as clothes that correspond to the weather and mom's comfort. Your mom may also have a specific diet, so consider the food to bring, which should both be alright for your mom while being easy to prepare when in the campsite.

Don't forget to bring healthy snacks when you plan on doing camping activities, such as hiking! Pack in sweets (or nuts, in case your mom can't have sweets).

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Planning the Itinerary Together

The Awesome Ways to Prepare When Camping With Mom 4

There are a ton of activities you can do together with your mom, but you must make sure that it corresponds to your schedule and budget. That's why it's best to create an itinerary that both you and your mom agree with.

Consider the many activities you can do, as well as the time you put when traveling to the campsite.

I recommend that you add a lot of fun activities but also to consider your mom's energy. She may need some rest, so opt to have breaks between and to put in games where you can be sitting. 

Card games or storytelling by the campfire is a surefire way to communicate and spend loving time together by the beautiful surroundings!

Hiking With Mom

The Awesome Ways to Prepare When Camping With Mom 5

When hiking, ensure that you are always together and have a form of communication. Packing survival kits for both of you will go a long way!

I recommend that you choose an easy trail with not a lot of uphill roads, as well as an easy-to-navigate route to avoid getting lost.

You can also opt for other fun activities that aren't very strenuous, such as slow cycling or swimming by the lake (if there is one). Make sure that you and your mom have safety gear before you start!


Are you planning on going camping with your mom and spending a unique time together? Then you'll be able to enjoy as long as you plan carefully and make sure that your mom's needs are fulfilled throughout the whole trip.

That way, both of you will have a great time outdoors without the hassle or issues.

I hope that this article on camping with mom helped you out! Now that you know the excellent activities and ways to prepare for your next camping trip with your parent start planning it out today and have an enjoyable time!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on camping with mom, then comment down below! I would love to hear what you have to think.

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