RV Camping: 5 Easy Steps To Set Up A Coleman Pop-up Camper (2023)

RV Camping_ 5 Easy Steps To Set Up A Coleman Pop-up Camper (2018)
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The following description will help you to Set Up A Coleman Pop-up Camper and get tips on using them regarding the history of Coleman pop-up campers.

Camping has been a great resource of fun and recreation for friends and families during cross-country adventures and weekend excursions. Pop-up campers are the best and easy way to enjoy a comfortable outdoor trip.

They also come with loads of homelike living amenities and essential camping materials.

It would not be wrong to say a pop-up camper is a tent on wheels that is durable under all weather conditions, fit for multiple sleeping, have enhanced pop up camper storage areas, customizable interior options, and offer inherent flexibility for night games and other activities.

Coleman pop-up campers are highly environment-friendly and come with customizing options. To enjoy the camping in a hassle-free manner, you need to effectively set the pop-up camper and use it as per your changing needs.

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The History Of Coleman Pop-up Camper​

Coleman pop-up campers have long been known for quality outdoor products manufactured to high standards with enhanced durability and good resale value.

These days, you will not find any brand new pop-up camper from the brand as it has discontinued manufacturing of campers. People still prefer to get and use Coleman campers for their excellent features.

Today, the prime question is why Coleman pop-up campers are no longer in manufacturing? The story of first Coleman pop-up camper started in 1967 when Coleman manufactured the first camper under Coleman Camping Trailer Division.

In 1989, the factory, patents, designs, and inventory of the Coleman division were sold to Fleetwood with authority to use the Coleman name on campers.

Then, the name of Coleman Camping Trailer Division's company was changed to Fleetwood Folding Trailers Inc. Under a new brand but with old Coleman name, Coleman campers captured more than half of the US market.

Then Fleetwood stickers replaced Coleman stickers on campers. Since then, there has been an issue with both of Coleman and Fleetwood over using the tag on a new line of pop-up campers.

What history says is right, but Coleman pop-up campers are still selling like hot cakes, but new users of the Coleman campers also need to know how to set up the camper to get better comfort as per changing traveling and leisure needs.

5 Easy Steps To Set Up A Coleman Pop-up Camper (2018)

​Spending some quality time in outdoor locations is a great way to get entertainment when it comes to celebrating vacations.

Nothing can be highly useful than a pop-up camper under the aegis of Coleman when it comes to having a recreational camping product for camping purpose without adding burden to your pocket.

Coleman pop-up campers are allowable and offer the most significant advantages to the end users. Let's have a look at how you can conveniently set up a pop-up camper in the least amount of time. For novices, setting up a new pop-up camper can be a bit daunting.

The following steps can help you set up your camper or pop up camper remodel confidently manner without facing any serious problem. The process of setting up camper can be divided into the following segments:

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1. Working With Leveling And Location

This section is clearly related to placing the camper on the campsite about the ground slope, tree location, closeness to fireplaces, and electric hookups.

First, you need to check and move the camper.

Then place a plank wood to make camper position firm and check the side levels. Free the camper from the towing vehicle and adjust levels properly.

2. Working With Power And Roof

Here, you need to plug campers into the electrical hookups. Check the status of the power to the camper fridge and camper support close to the ground. Raise the white roof by unlatching four roof latches and crank up the camper roof in for pop-up camper roof rebuild.​

3. Working With Beds And Canvas

Here you need to adjust bed set by pulling out the bed support pole. Lift the bed as per latch support and attach Velcro to the canvas. Make a perfect setting between bad canvas and hooks.

Give the pole a proper positioning using a support clip and lower the door into the door opening. Adjust lock clips and attach Velcro to the door frames.

4. Working With Propane And Water

Here you need to adjust outdoor stove and propane hose on camper's outdoor side. Then, open the valve of the propane tank. Also, connect a sanitary water hose to the water spigot. Finally, check out the drain fitting.

5. Working With Water Heater And Pilot

​Here you need to open the cover of the camper to reach the hot water tank. Turn the gas knob.

#Bonus: Pop-up Camping Tips

​Like a 3 season tent that is seen as a removable tent used in spring, summer, Coleman pop-up camper is also fit for camping in all seasons. A 3 season tent is lightweight and protects you from rain and the wind with enough ventilation.

In the same manner, the Coleman pop-up camper is highly customized, and its roof can be easily rebuilt as per changing camping needs in any urban or rural areas.

In a customized Coleman pop-up camper, you can quickly enjoy backwoods fun through some camping games for adults, including conversation games, classic games, drinking games, active games, and other activities.

That is why following pop-up camping tips can make a big difference to your camping needs:​

  • ​It is essential that you make your pop-up camper entirely organized to live inside the Coleman pop-up camper and make it sufficiently flexible as per your changing camping needs
    First of all, collect the best and accurate data and information about the camping site and camper you are going to use.
  • Take help from online experts and people who have already enjoyed camping in the past. It will guide you to decide things properly.
    First, set the itinerary and prepare a good meal plan in advance to reduce stress and workload. Check out the camper properly to ensure it is functional.
  • Always choose the best RV deeply cycle battery for your RV, it's the great investment you have to consider.
How To Set Up A Coleman Popup Camper For A Real Backwoods Fun - 3


Make the camper free from the presence of moisture by drying it off. Pack enough bedding and sleeping bags with extra blankets to beat the vagaries of nature. Don't carry unnecessary or least useful things as it will affect the ability of the camper storage capacity.

In a nutshell, you should know all ins and outs of camping in different destinations. It will be good for you to learn from others “experience". Coleman pop-up campers are the best pick for enjoying hassle-free camping in the presence of friends and family.

If you have any idea and want to discuss, feel free to input your comment below, this topic is open for discussion.

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