5 Tips You Must Know For Pop-up Camping (Updated 2018)

You finally did it: you bought your very own pop-up camper. It’s not new, but it’s new to you, and you got a great deal on it. Now it’s time to take it out on its maiden voyage into the wilderness.

You buy your food and supplies, get the camper hitched up to your vehicle, and you drive to your favorite spot.

Being new to the pop-up camper world, you have a rough start when you get to the campsite; the camper seems to sway when you step into it, you’re not sure where to put your garbage, and you can’t seem to figure out the toilet system.

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1. Plan Ahead

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This sounds obvious but planning ahead and getting to know your camper before taking it out can avoid a majority of the problems you’d encounter while camping.

If your camper has a stove, take some time to figure out how long the propane lasts, test the longevity of your battery if you have one, know how to safely use the toilet, etc.

It may help to spend a couple nights in your camper while still at home, or close enough to home that it’s easy to fix any problems.

When doing this, write down everything you forgot and remember to include them when you use your pop-up camper in the future.

You may also want to do a quick search on the internet about your particular model and find out some of the problems other people may have had.

You can find out some of the issues and try to prevent them before they actually become issues.

Being familiar with the basics of your pop-up camper will help ease the stress during your travels and will help you understand the unique aspects of your camper.

2. Park On Level Ground

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Again, this may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people overlook this aspect when finding a spot to camp for the evening.

Parking on level ground can alleviate many common irritations such as swaying when walking or sleeping. It can also avoid embarrassing situations such as the first story in this article.

Leveling your camper isn’t just convenient in terms of sleeping and completing chores around camp. It can also prevent your camper from tipping over.

A quick search on Google will show several stories of people parking on a hill or overloading their pop-up camper on one side and causing large amounts of damage.

Save some money and embarrassment and make sure you park your pop-up camper on level ground.

Often there just isn’t level ground where we choose to camp. To alleviate this annoyance, many pop-up campers come equipped with adjustable struts which will help stabilize the camper while also making it level.

When using the struts, don’t just eyeball Whether your camper is level. There should be leveling bubbles to ensure everything is settled evenly. If there isn’t, install your own.

3. Raise The Roof

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Before sliding any movable internal furniture in your pop-up camper, ensure the roof is completely raised. When the roof is down the cloth sides are tucked in the crevices of the moving furniture such as your bed.

Before moving your bed into place for the night, make sure the roof is completely raised to avoid damaging the fabric sides of your pop-up camper.

Often we’ll get in a rush and just need to move the bed only a little bit to grab something underneath it.

This is often where the most rips and tears occur. So before you move any furniture or large item in your pop-up camper, make sure you raise the roof completely. It will save you money in the long run.

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4. Invest In Storage Bins

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There is very limited space in a pop-up camper. Sure, your car offers some additional storage space for things like coolers and food (sure that you will need to prepare a food list first), but that is often not enough.

Luckily there are numerous products for organizing and storing your much-needed items. Investing in two or three can greatly increase your storage capacity and make it easier to find things when you’re in a hurry.

Rubbermaid and Tupperware make several different models that are affordable and easy to use.

The storage bins are also helpful at the end of your camping trip. In most cases, you don’t want to store everything in the camper itself when it’s not in use.

When those same bins are in the garage or storage shed (wherever your store your pop-up camping gears), they are easily identified to make preparations smoother.

5. Get To Know Your Neighbors

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There are many, many websites with ideas on saving space or ways you can remodel you pop-up camper but many of these ideas can be expensive and may not suit your particular needs.

So how do you find new ideas and test them at the same time? Simply make friends with your neighbors when you park your pop-up camper for the night. That’s part of the fun of camping right?

At many campsites with pop-campers and RV’s, other campers live in their vehicles full time.

You’re almost guaranteed to find new and innovative ways to save space, time, or money when kicking back with a glass of wine at the neighbor's place.

So invite the neighbors over for dinner or make friends with the camp host and get more ideas on how to make your pop-up camper fit your needs.


Pop-up camping, like so many other things, is a process of figuring out what works and what doesn't. Try these pop-up camping tips but realize every camper is unique.

So don’t get frustrated when a new idea doesn’t work, or something goes wrong your first couple times using the pop-up camper.

If you have any ideas that have worked for you in the past, feel free to comment below.

5 Tips You Must Know For Pop-up Camping (Updated 2017)
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5 Tips You Must Know For Pop-up Camping (Updated 2017)
Pop-up camping, like so many other things, is a process of figuring out what works and what doesn't. Try these pop-up camping tips but realize every camper
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Alexandria Martinez - last year

In a few weeks, my brother is thinking about taking a pop-up camper and a couple other RV specials he bought out for a test run. He wants to make sure that everything works properly. I will let him know to seek additional storage through bins to make things more comfortable.


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