An Ultimate Guide Camping With Big Groups!

An Ultimate Guide Camping With Big Groups
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Camping with big groups sounds interesting, right?

If you are planning camping with best of your friends or your big family and if you have no idea from where to begin and what to do when there are specific guidelines that you have to follow so that you’re camping idea is a big success.​

It is imperative to do necessary planning and the right amount of work so that you enjoy the most of it.

The below article is a complete guide to all the people who are planning their first camping either with their friends or family. If you follow the entire manual as per the article, then the only thing that your guests have to bring is their camping, sleeping and eating gears with them. 

By doing so, there are many advantages that your guests will have. Some of the noteworthy advantages are:

  • It makes it super easy for your guests to follow up the camping, no matter whether they are experienced or beginners.
  • Proper planning ensures you of no significant confusion while selecting the camping destination.
  • Lastly, you will always have the privilege of sharing your meals.

While planning the most memorable and successful camping with your big group camping of friends or family, it is necessary to take care of the top five things. Those five main things are as mentioned below:

Assembling the Team

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One of the most basic and vital steps while planning a camp is to have the proper team. It is always said that the best possible way to assemble a large group trip is by finding the most appropriate small groups.

Once you have decided about your team members, the next step is to divide the significant responsibilities among the small group of people. It makes it easy for you and also it helps in developing more friendly relations with your camping mates.

Making a Spreadsheet

It might sound awkward, but it is true! Creating a spreadsheet will help you in many ways. It is highly advisable to make a spreadsheet on the same day when you have decided with your members.

Once you make the spreadsheet, you can make any variations in the sheet, and it also becomes more comfortable for you to calculate the number of various items that you need for camping.

Not only this, it will help you in calculating the total budget, cost of various items and keep track of things that you have bought for camping. It is also advisable to carry the printed copy of the sheet while you go shopping to help you keep a better track.

Deciding the Location

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The golden rule should always be remembered: First come, first basis. It is still better to previous book the location so that you have more options than ever.

Also, you should keep in mind that if you are taking more than 50 people with you for camping, it is better to book the campsite location around six months in prior.

This is because there would be no further confusion about the area and also if you have booked in advance and due to any reason if you want to cancel it, then there are pretty nominal charges for it.

Additionally, if you are aware that your group is going to be too loud, then it is better to book a place that isn’t a part of the more massive compound. Some of the significant factors that you should consider before booking the camping site are as mentioned below:

  • Private time
  • Immediacy to water
  • Distance to drive
  • Climatic conditions
  • Amenities

It is better to be aware that the rangers comprise of reasonable people and so they will come and shut you down if you are disturbing the other parties.

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Choosing the Right Food

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To feed a group of 50 people or more is a massive thing but at the same time, you can serve combination food items at a minimal cost.

It is highly advisable to shop the grocery and food packet items from the commercial markets as it will render specific discount offers to you so that you can have camping food on a budget.

Certain stores and markets allow you to buy a certain fraction of vegetables for the precise amount that you pay at the store. Also, it is better to have certain vegetarian options on the menu so that there is no need for you to change the entire list at the end moment.

Also, for huge groups, you can opt for camping food ideas that use no fire or the big pot method.

Generally, there will be many hands that will help you in chopping and preparing the food items. So, you can focus on the small portions and think of various options that you can render to the people.

Selecting the Shelter

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You need to understand that one of the basic needs of human is shelter and most of the time people tend to forget about the same. You have to keep in mind about making the stay of every person dry and comfortable.

If you have decided upon the location where there are chances of heavy rain or snow, then choose the shelter with a good tent and make sure that you carry extra rope, boots and socks as well.

If your location is such that are chances of rain, then you need to have a walk on the ground to make sure that no one has set up his or her tent on the creek bed.

Summing it up, if you take care of the above-mentioned things, it will ensure that everyone stays dry, camping food is on budget and enjoys their time.

If you are in charge of a big group, it is highly stressful to plan the entire camping, but at the same time, it ensures double the fun. A successful and memorable trip is one where everyone pitches in for the total cost, has fun and feels like they are away from home.

Go ahead and plan a successful trip!

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